It’s Not Easy Being Green

The stresses of this week have built to the point where a chronic health condition of my own reared it’s ugliness, requiring a visit to the hospital emergency room for treatment. I have mentioned before that I have a very restricted diet. Almost anything I eat can make me sick, and when I’m stressed, it all comes out — literally. I remember that I ate a salad with a variety of tasty veggies… oops. That’s what tipped my intestines over the edge.

I was treated and released in four hours. It’s amazing what an I.V. and some drug to kill the intestinal spasms can do. I must remain on a liquid diet and see my regular doc next week, but for now, I am resuming my attention to my beloved aunt. She was released from the hospital yesterday, and I have arranged 24/7 home health care for her, though it took quite a bit of doing in a short time. Fortunately, my senior pals rose to the occasion to help me again, and after a long, long day, it was all arranged.

Life is short: keep moving on.