Gay Boots

I see internet search engine searches direct visitors to this blog and my website. Lately, for unknown reasons, there have been a number of searches for “gay boots.”

As Blogger is owned by Google, the most widely-used search engine, then “blogger blogs” come up rather high in search results. Thus, this post, so I can say, once and for all,


Boots are inanimate objects. They cannot possibly fall in love with each other, have sex with each other, or otherwise be “gay.” Boots are not “straight” either (unless you count that the boot shaft is straight.)

Seriously now, there are no particular brands or styles of boots worn by gay men that are different from what other men wear. Period. End of story. Boots aren’t gay. You won’t “become gay” if you wear a certain brand of boots like Wesco Boots, platform boots, dressy ankle boots, or tall boots with your pants tucked into them. Some insecure dolts may apply a label and engage in name-calling like kiddies in gradeschool by saying, “those boots are gay” or “you’re look gay in those boots” or “that’s so gay.” Bull. That’s all kiddie stuff. Man-up and get over it.

Cowboy boots are not worn exclusively by straight men. Gay men wear cowboy boots too. Both straight and gay men can behave in a masculine manner, or not. Masculinity and sexual orientation are not directly related, no matter what some who fear gay people think or say.

Motorcycle or biker boots are not worn exclusively by tough-guy straight bikers. Some of us who ride motorcycles are masculine men who wear boots for protection and style, and who by the way, also happen to be in love with another man. Yeah, “ho-mo.” The world isn’t going to end if gay men ride motorcycles or wear boots.

And there is NO SUCH THING AS GAY BOOTS. Get over it! Wear what you like, dress as you please. Be who you are, and stop obsessing over whether an article of clothing will label you as gay. If you’re afraid of such a label, you have other issues going on that have nothing to do with boots.

Life is short: wear boots.