Why Wear ‘Those’ In This Heat?

“Why wear those in this heat?” … so remarked a guy in his 40s who was walking next to me from the parking lot toward the hospital which we both were entering to visit respective family (in my case, my aunt for whom I care.)

He was pointing to the jeans and cowboy boots I had on. He was wearing shorts and flip-flops.

He asked his question with a tone of incredulity and an emphasis on the word “those.” Yeah, it was well over 90°F (32°C), and the temperature was predicted to climb even more. He looked at my cowboy boots with a bit of of a sneer.

Instead of reacting negatively, I just said, “they’re comfortable, and don’t get hot.”

He continued to walk along next to me until we reached the door, where the sign said, “no flip-flops allowed for health reasons.” I gently pointed out the sign and said, “I have an extra pair of boots in my truck” and smiled back warmly.

He just shrugged and said, “maybe they won’t notice” and walked in the door. I wasn’t going to argue with him. I entered and said hello to the volunteer at the front desk. I knew her from some of my own volunteer work. She smiled, handed me a visitor’s pass, and asked me about my aunt. I briefly answered her then went to the elevator and up to my aunt’s floor.

When I got to my aunt’s room, I looked out the window, and saw Mr. “why wear those?” walking back toward his car. I guess they wouldn’t let him in.

Boots beat flip-flops, two – to – zero!

Life is short: wear boots!