Beach Bound for Work

I am taking a break from blogging because I am on another business trip to the U.S. West Coast.

And who should meet me at the airport upon arrival yesterday but…

… a terrific first cousin, the son of the aunt and uncle for whom I cared during the winter of their respective lives. My cousin lives in the town where the meetings I am facilitating this week are being held.
BeachYou know, I could have found a place to rent a Harley and go play for the afternoon in bright, sunny, warm weather. However, family is extremely important to me, and I think the world of my cousin. So I chose to spend all afternoon with him. I can ride … some other time. But not now. Family comes first.

BTW, the boots I am wearing in this photo are Chippewa Hikers. I chose them because: 1) I had to shovel one inch of snow from my drive and they have good soles for traction; 2) they’re comfortable and well-broken in; 3) I can wear them through airport security without setting off the alarm; 4) they’re good for walking on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. Lots of good reasons to choose these particular boots.

Because I will be busy with meetings Wednesday and Thursday (and flying back home all day Friday), I will not have time to write blog posts. Check back on the weekend when I am back at home. Thank you for your patience.

Life is short: make family a priority.