Wesco Boots Confirm Recovery

Flash: this just in!

BHD is wearing Wesco boots again!


Why so excited? It’s like this: Wesco pull-on boots — even if made custom — tend to fit a little tightly on the ankle at the instep. Normal ankles fit into the boots just fine. However, a recently broken ankle (lower fib, I keep having to remind myself), still has swelling that can continue for up to a year (according to orthopedic specialists.)

I had been having that swelling, so I resigned myself to accepting that I can wear only certain boots — those without a tight instep — until the swelling continues to go down more.

Back to the Wescos. Do you remember my story of a Wesco Disappointment? I received a cool new pair of tall Wesco harness boots made from two colors of roughout leather on April 1. Since my left leg and ankle was not injured, I tried pulling the left boot onto my foot. Ouch! It wouldn’t fit. The boot was made wrong.

I knew at the time that there would not be any way that I could wear a Wesco pull-on boot on my right leg, but since the left wouldn’t fit, it didn’t matter. I shipped the boots back to Wesco and with the help from my friend Mike, we convinced Wesco that they goofed up and the boots had to be remade.

I received the new boots on May 24. I knew at first glance that the boot shafts were wider, which was the main reason that the pair that I received on April 1 did not fit. I pulled off the boots that I had on my feet and pulled on the left boot first, then gingerly tried pulling on the right boot. It came right on! No pain! No problem! WOO-HOO! I am Wesco booted again!

This is a damn good sign that my recovery continues to progress well. I will know that I am absolutely 1000% recovered when I can wear my Dehner patrol boots. Those boots have the tightest instep of all. Once I get them on, I’m golden. (healed, fixed, recovered, whatever….)

N.B.: These burgundy/brown roughout Wesco boots aren’t for everyone. I’ve had a “boot intervention” threatened by three close friends, including my eighth brother. No worries, I’m older, wiser, and more adventuresome while they’re boring in their booted blandness.

Life is short: celebrate victories measured through your boots! (giggle)

One thought on “Wesco Boots Confirm Recovery

  1. I'm weighing here to say that after seeing the boots, I have it on my to-buy list when I save up enough. There!

    And congratulations on getting closer to (lower fib) golden. Actually, you are already golden! Such a wonderful person you are.

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