Men’s Style Article That Is Not All Anti-Leather

As I was surfing the net over the weekend, I came across an article on the Men’s Flair website (as of Sept. 2016, site not working) that talks about men wearing fashionable leather. While the article still makes some stereotypical comments, such as:

Do not do a full head to toe leather look unless you are going to an S & M club.

Unless you’re a rock star or work in a more liberal work place, leather pants are not suitable for the office.

Once you get past the glib stereotypes, the article has a fairly positive outlook about men wearing leather. That is a vast improvement of what most men’s style websites and magazines have said, which in my observation have been rather strongly opposed to men wearing anything more than a leather jacket.

What the article is saying is that it is okay to wear leather in reasonable amounts for appropriate environments. A leather vest with a dress shirt, or a pair of leather jeans with a turtleneck in casual settings, work well.

Some of the most cogent points the article made include:

  • Leather is a winter fabric not intended for warm environments.
  • A good fit can make all the difference between looking elegant and looking scary.
  • Men sporting the correct leather look exude confidence, strength and sophistication.
  • …[leather] can be suitable for business as well as fun, pairing leather pants with a monochromatic shirt and tie. (Though the article immediately contradicts itself by saying, “However, leather in the workplace are still not accepted.” Well, either it is or isn’t okay in business. My vote is “for.”)
  • When you opt for leather pants, ultra masculine is the way to go. Don a heavy sweater or turtleneck and blazer with black leather pants and boots. [I am shocked! A men’s style site actually recommending leather pants AND boots to be worn in public! I’m going to faint!]
  • Functional and fashionable, masculine and elegant, leather is this season’s hottest look.
  • Men purchase leather accessories all the time with wallets, briefcases, belts and shoes so it is not unfamiliar territory for most men.
  • … who can resist the appeal of that rich, earthy scent of leather?
  • … it’s time to branch out and get some leather wear that will make more of a statement.

I am pleased that some men’s style website somewhere finally had something good to say about men wearing leather garments (including boots) in public, rather than one cliché after another imposing opinion of some leather-fearing queen.

Woo-hoo! Now you have it — the style site proves it — wear your leather! wear your boots!

Life is short: (but is more fun in boots and leather).