Violent Allergy Lays Me Flat

You’ll have to wait a bit for me to return to my normal chatter on this blog. Yep, this post is interrupted for yet another medical emergency.

I was preparing my usual four- gluten-free flour waffles for my spouse yesterday morning. I decided to try buckwheat flour instead of something I had been using before.

Man, that stuff caused an extremely violent and immediate attack of an allergic reaction. My throat closed, my chest hurt, I coughed so violently that I thought I would cough out my lungs. I sneezed so hard that I blew a glass off the table.

The reaction was getting worse and worse, so my spouse called our doctor, who amazingly was available. The doc suggested that my spouse hit me with an epipen, which I have on hand due to my violent reaction to mustard (yeah, I can’t come anywhere near that yellow stuff, either.)

Within a few minutes, the symptoms began to abate. I could breathe again. But the coughing was so strong, I was absolutely wiped out. I went to bed and rested most of the day.

This morning (Saturday) as you read this, I am feeling a little better, but still not good. I am sore and achy all over.

On top of that, my spouse is not well, either. He has another issue going on, caused by a medication that he is taking. He hasn’t … “evacuated” … since Thursday morning.

So I will swing into caregiver mode shortly…

Return tomorrow for yet another episode of “how these boots roll.”

Life is short: rest, recover, and be well!