Sixty Days (and counting)

Blogpost2Short blog post… My spouse and I are celebrating a long-sought milestone…

On Friday, my spouse reached the “magic 60” — yep, 60 days of not having any serious, observable symptoms of the three infections he has been battling since Autumn, 2011.

My spouse, ever the nervous and superstitious one, is not actually celebrating as much as he has “reserved gratitude.”

I dunno, perhaps my enforcement of the “stay in the house” rule, not allowing my spouse to go into our back yard during October and November, was the right call. I have suspected that something in the environment — mold, fungus, dust, leaf litter — triggered the major attacks of his illness that he suffered every November for the past three years.

Regardless, we are being careful, watchful, and thoughtful about today, tomorrow, and next week. We are taking it cautiously, one day at a time.

Life is short: think positively and have faith. There will be a better tomorrow.