How I am Making Videos These Days

A bazillion years ago when I started making videos on my “BHD YouTube” channel, I was using video recording capability in my first compact digital camera. I then used “Windows Movie Maker” to edit the video by cropping off the ends, merging segments together, and adding opening & closing titles.

Man, eight years ago is a long time, and it was so much easier back then.

Five years ago I acquired my first HD video camera. Production quality improved, but editing capability became much more difficult since WMM could not handle those types of files and I had to go through many shenanigans to convert raw video from MP4 to AVI in order to edit them.

Three years ago, the process of editing video became impossible since WMM wasn’t working any more and there was not a decent freeware replacement available. Also, Google bought YouTube and foisted its disastrous complexity and entangled “all of google” connections to its platform. I had enough. I gave up. (I distrust Google as much as I hate Microsoft.)

But now…

… I discovered a much simpler video camera — GoPro. Just a basic GoPro (Hero) without the bells and whistles of bluetooth and wifi and other advanced features that make it hard to use. No — simple. Just simple. I like that.

GoPro provides free video editing software that is easy to use and allows direct editing of MP4 video files. It has many features that I have yet to discover, but the more simple cut-and-edit with music overlay features that are easy to figure out and use.

So, I am back “on line” with videos. I still will not make many more videos, because my spouse thinks that video production is a waste of time. But now at least I have the capability to edit videos again. And the YouTube platform has had its kinks removed so it is easier to use than it was three years ago when I gave up on it.

I was just fooling around with the software the other night, and here is the next production from the same 60 minutes of raw video that I took one day when I led a motorcycle ride for my club. Enjoy!

Life is short: patience pays off.