Woke Up and Was Awesome

My boss has a funny way of randomly singing, “wake up and be awesome!” which apparently comes from a children’s movie that his son enjoys.

Well, today, my boss made it an awesome day for me. How?

…The boss nominated me for a major award. Through rather stiff competition, I was selected. The award will be presented today at my office, and then officially presented in a luncheon by the head of my entire agency next week. This recognition is agency-wide. Wow… lil’ ol’ me. Who woulda thunk?

I was truly humbled to read letters of support submitted by colleagues across the country, from Puerto Rico to American Samoa and states in between. Aw shucks…

Man, what an awesome recognition by an awesome agency to work with. I think my boss is rather awesome, too, to have such faith and confidence in me to nominate me for such a prestigious award.

Life is short: wake up and be awesome!

2 thoughts on “Woke Up and Was Awesome

  1. You deserve every award you get as you are a man of many talents and you are a caring and compassionate man.

    I also agree with you concerning being gay that it is not something you just turn off and on. I have found that out since my wife died.

  2. Congratulations, BHD. You are indeed a very lucky person to have a great boss who recognizes you and your work. Well done, sir.

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