Disappointing Dilemma

My faith is being tested again.

56 days… 56 days my spouse has been symptom-free from evidence of the toxins produced by bacteria from which he was infected by a tick bite several years ago.

A whole 56 days. If we got to 60 days…

…we could say that he was in remission.

But when I arrived home yesterday, I found my spouse in bed. Damn. He had another attack.


I seldom use profanity, so you must know a little bit about how I really feel.

He was better by the time we had dinner, and he ate a full meal. I sat with him, holding his hand, for the rest of the evening. He was able to go to bed under his own power without assistance. Fortunately, his energy reserves had been recovering during the last eight weeks.

Anomaly or indicator? I’d like to believe what one of the top professionals in my (doctoral) field said in response to me: “I vote anomaly. Just a standard deviation on a normal curve.”

Watching, waiting, worrying… all in a caregiver’s role.

Life is short: watch those you love and care for them with all of your heart.

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