Last Ride of Summer

Yep, here in North America, summer continues until 2229 EDT on 22 September, the date and minute of the autumnal equinox.

And yesterday I led the last ride of summer 2014 with my Harley club. We had a fantastic day. It was sunny and warm, with beautiful roads to ride on in my home state of Maryland.

We rode…

… on the backways and byways through farmland in central Maryland. We went to a diner for lunch (and had all-day breakfast!) Then we rode to a creamery for home-made ice cream.

It was a perfect day. Just what this biker needed for a break from the intensity of caregiving all year (the spouse is doing better, thanks) and exceptionally intense workload at the office.

I wore my Wesco motor patrol boots with jeans tucked into them. Man, I had forgotten how comfortable these boots were. These are by far the most comfortable of all of my Wesco boots. Photos below show me without much gear. I did wear my mesh jacket while actually riding, but not while seated in the baking sunshine.Merideblog1Merideblog2Merideblog3Merideblog4And what would a good motorcycle ride be without stopping for ice cream?Merideblog5As they say, “Live to ride, ride to eat!” with smiles all the way. I thank my fellow riders for their courage to follow me. I didn’t even get lost, thanks to the pre-ride I did on Saturday.

Life is short: ride!

One thought on “Last Ride of Summer

  1. Great looking ride. I remember the days when I lived in Carroll County. Just a little further out from DC and Baltimore was nice rolling hills.
    Now I live in the NC mountains. While everyone down in the flatland’s are heading up to the curves and such, we head down the mountains to ride in the foothills.
    Go figure.

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