The Importance of a Pre-Ride

RandomrideToday I am leading a motorcycle ride for my club. It should be great weather for the last ride of the summer.

Yesterday, I actually rode the route in advance. Why?

I have three reasons for doing what’s called a “pre-ride”:

1. I can make sure I know the route and can lead it without having to refer to a map, a printed ride route, or running afoul by trying to use a GPS (whose intentions, I am certain, are to send me to another state!)

2. I can see first-hand what the conditions of the roads are, and any tight turns or blind intersections. That way I can instruct my fellow riders what to expect.

3. I can make sure the destination can accommodate a group, and find out if they require a call ahead to set up tables. In this case, I found out that my intended destination — a diner — only accepts cash. I was able to get the word out among my fellow riders in advance to plan for bringing cash and not be dependent on plastic.

I had a fourth reason, but really inconsequential. I just like to ride. However, riding alone is not any fun. I sure miss my spouse riding as my passenger. I miss him every single time I ride, though he has not been physically able to ride with me for ten years.

Should be a great day for riding today. Pictures may follow later this week.

Life is short: lead rides responsibly!

2 thoughts on “The Importance of a Pre-Ride

  1. Pre-ride, I just wish I could get the two groups I ride with to do a safety check before hand. And some instructions on group riding. Had a guy change lanes right in front of me about a month ago. Almost stood the Harley on it’s front tire trying to avoid him, which I did!

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