Blogger Buddy’s Birthday

Here I am with my buddy, Kevin, who traveled to my hometown (actually, my County Seat), to do some research for his doctoral dissertation. Kevin has frequently commented on this blog and has provided me lots of useful information that has inspired me to develop material for this blog. I have frequently quoted him. Man, he’s so incredibly gifted with the way he thinks and expresses himself.

Kevin is a very insightful, intelligent, and fun guy. He’s a Bootman, too. He had on a pair of really cool black ostrich leg cowboy boots last night when we met at a restaurant for dinner. I wore my Champion Attitude black ostrich – burgundy biker cowboy boots, which are about the only boots in my cowboy stable that I can wear at the moment.

What a delight it was to meet Kevin. I truly enjoyed meeting someone with whom I had been communicating via email for several years. We enjoyed a wonderful conversation about a variety of issues from current events to boots to his studies and things going on in our lives.

It also happened to be Kevin’s birthday! Woo-hoo! He didn’t tell me it was his birthday, but I “have my ways of finding out” (giggle). It was truly my pleasure to treat him to dinner and enjoy his company.

Thanks, buddy, for the warmth of your friendship, for your kind and insightful commentary, and for your smiles.

Life is short: enjoy your friends!

One thought on “Blogger Buddy’s Birthday

  1. It was so great to finally meet you in person, BHD! Your boots were the cool ones. And thank you for treating me to a delcious birthday dinner. It was truly outstanding.

    I very much appreciate your friendship over the years and how much you've inspired me to be a better person. So often, people tend to be so wrapped up in their families and personal issues that they forget how far a simple kindness can go to lifting another's spirits or outlook on life. The care and support you've provided for your senior buds, family members, partner, and friends are truly inspirational. But more than that, it's genuine.

    Your blog posts and e-mail messages continue to give me great enjoyment as they always contain some nugget to think about or ponder. I always look forward to them.


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