17 Years With The Man of My Heart

Today marks our 17 year anniversary. Yep, 17 years ago, I met the man who fundamentally and profoundly changed — and improved — my life.

I wrote a rather sappy but sincere blog post about him titled Bootprints of Our Journey on March 31. I decided to post it then rather than wait until now. It gives a rather strong description of just what I think about my better half, and would serve as an appropriate anniversary tribute. My brother’s blog post yesterday was much appreciated by both of us (thanks, J!)

I debated about writing another long, sappy blog post, but decided against it. Not because anything is wrong or has changed. I sense that visitors to this blog know darned well that I am committed to my partner, and that I love him with all of my heart, and every fibre of my being. Another long sappy post spilling out my inner-most feelings gets rather boring for readers. I mean, it is my partner and I who share these feelings. We know it, that’s enough. But if you wish, you can read my previous anniversary tributes for 2008, here and for 2009, here.

So, just what DO you say after 17 years of a strong partnership? “I love you” seems inadequate. “Bend over” strains the limits of the G-rated nature of this blog (giggle.) “What’s on TV?” is probably more like it.

I think what has led us this far is mutual trust, respect, and feeling secure and appreciated. We ensure our finances are sound, and we owe no debt. We take care of each other and our home, and those in our lives whom we love. We have worked hard to earn what we have, and have worked equally hard to earn each others’ commitment in the true sense of what a partnership — for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish — truly means. Yeah, we’re as equivalent as being married. It’s a nice feeling.

I will spend the day with my beloved better half. We will probably do what he considered to be fun: work around the house. But I will also take him out to dinner. We rarely go out, but we’ll make an exception. I will dress in my leather finest, and he will dress comfortably (it’s a casual restaurant). We will raise a glass (of Coke) and give a toast to our partnership and another year since that memorable moment when I met the man who has become my heart, my soul, … my “better half.”

Happy anniversary, my love. I LYAWM!

Life is short: celebrate!

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  1. Happy Anniversary! Wishing you many more years. Seeing this means a lot to me right now, so thank you for that.

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