Boots and Ankles

Last December, well before I broke my leg, I ordered a cool pair of Nocona cowboy boots. They have a dark blue full quill ostrich foot, and black shafts with blue stitching. Unfortunately, the boots were backordered. I finally received them on Wednesday of this week. (I guess Nocona had to wait to have sufficient orders to set up the line to make this style and color of boots again.)

However, as delighted as I am to receive these new boots, I can’t pull the right boot on my leg. My darned ankle is still swollen and the doc says that I will continue to experience swelling of the ankle for up to a full year! Arrggghhh!

I am able to wear more of the boots in my collection, but I can’t wear cowboy boots yet. Biker boots — particularly engineer boots — fit fine. I am learning that cowboy boots have a tighter fit where the instep meets the shaft, right at the ankle. I probably could force the boot onto my foot, but it would hurt. Also, I probably couldn’t take it off by myself without damaging the boot or my ankle, or both.

I’ll just have to suck it up and wait. This is so darned frustrating. Oh well, I have said before and I’ll say it again… I am a patient man. At least I try to be. 🙂

Life is short: appreciate unswollen ankles if you have them! Then wear your boots!