Wear Whatever You Like

My fellow blogger, Straight Jacketed, amused me yesterday when he closed a post on his blog with a line, “To adapt a catchphrase from the indefatigable BHD, life is short: wear whatever you damn well like.”

You know, he’s right. He’s damn well right. The other day when I went with my partner to a trolley museum, I knew that it was likely that I would see neighbors and even some local elected leaders there. Regardless, I chose to wear a pair of comfortable lightweight leather jeans and my Wesco combat boots with the jeans bloused into them. (That is, the ends of the leather jeans tucked a little bit into the top of the boots, and then the remaining leather bloused over them so they have a sharp appearance.)

For me, it was comfortable. I also like the masculine appearance of the boots and leather. Funny, I noticed when I processed the picture for this blog that I have grass stains on the boots. Yep, I have been mowing the lawn while wearing them, and it shows. At the stage of recovery from my broken leg, the lace-up, taller combat style boots give the support I require, as well as are comfortable for all-day wear.

One of the museum visitors looked at me and said, “you look like a ‘storm trooper’.” Ha! I got a big laugh out of that. The other people I knew, including community leaders, didn’t bat an eye. They talked to me, looked at my face, and not at what I was wearing.

I am comfortable in my own skin, and comfortable in a cow’s skin, too. Nobody cares what I have on my feet or legs. Seriously. For those who obsess about what other people think about what you’re wearing: forget it.    N-o    o-n-e    c-a-r-e-s!

Life is short: wear whatever you damn well please.

P.S.: I am highly honoured to be labeled “indefatigable.” Thanks, man. I get fatigued. I just hide it well (giggle.)