Somebody To Do Nothing With

Yesterday afternoon as I was relaxing with my spouse after a long hard day, I was seated next to him in our backyard gazebo, holding his hand, listening to the water flow in the waterfall in our pond, and doing nothing else.

I thought to myself,

“isn’t this perfect…,” and continued to relax and did not think much more… about anything. I just chilled.

Later in the evening, we were watching some TV drivel, and one of the characters whose wife had recently divorced him said, “I have a million people to do things with, but no one to do nothing with.”

That statement struck me as somewhat profound.

I turned to my spouse and said, “you know, he’s right. I have a lot of friends and an active, busy life. But what means most to me is that I have you. Just like today — someone to do nothing with if that’s what I want to do (or not do).”

My spouse smiled at me, held my hand a little tighter, and said, “me, too, my love.”

Life is short: cherish your moments together with the one you love.