Light in the Loafers

RidepostblogI just about died laughing at the homophobe on a website forum that linked to my website referring to me as being “light in the loafers.”

That expression…

…dates back to the mid 1950s and is generally used as a pejorative reference to a gay man. (Term reference here.)

What really made me laugh at the poster’s homophobia were three things:

  • “Light in the loafers” could reference “the image is the stereotyped effeminate male, tripping along.” The stereotyping is classic homophobia.
  • Me, wear loafers? You gotta be kidding! No way!
  • Quoting from the text on the forum site, “This guy seems light in his loafers some leather fetish, but seems to cover reviews of boots rather well.” My response: I’d like to see the bozo who wrote that to say that to a biker in a biker bar, or for that matter, to attendees of IML or MAL.

This type of stuff used to bother me, but it does not any more. There are a lot of small- and narrow-minded people out there who use on-line forums to vent frustrations, jealousies, or nervousness, as well as attempt to hide behind a veil of anonymity.

That’s okay … I have been called worse. Sticks and stones and all that.

The guy who posted not one but two links to my website did not realize that he did me a big favor: more links to my website from external sources drives up the rankings from search engines. So go ahead — link to me. Helps my website grow in being found from web searches. Thanks a lot!

Life is short: pull on your leathers, solid biker boots, and ride with a laugh of pity for small-minded dudes who have nothing … nothing … going for them.