Cops: Booted, Not Wet

Yesterday, I served as a judge once again at a large police motorcycle riding competition that is held in the general area where I live (though rather far away.) The weather was damp, though fortunately, hard rain held off during the morning competition. I enjoyed serving as a timing judge this time.

81 motor officers participated, yet the main competition during the morning was completed by 1100. Then we broke for an early lunch.

Right after lunch, jet lag caught up with me real badly, so since I wasn’t really needed again, I went home — and good timing — the skies opened up and it rained all afternoon.

I saw lots of cops and tall black boots. Samples follow…

and more will follow when(ever) I have time to process my photos. Meanwhile, enjoy!Blog02Blog03Blog04Blog05And guys, get your minds out of the gutter. This cop is NOT doing what you think he is doing.Blog01Life is short: thank those who provide service.