Birthday Wish Granted

My birthday is coming up, but I have already received the best gift from my spouse. What was it? New boots? Leather jacket? A new Harley?

No, nothing material. I don’t need more “stuff.”

SpiceWhat I consider to be the very best present is my spouse’s enduring recovery and progress toward remission of his illnesses.

He is *not* fully recovered. He is *not* in complete remission. But by stopping all meds (with doctor’s concurrence), continued refined diet to manage inflammation, and by pacing himself, his smile has returned. His energy level has risen. His ability to care for himself and do things he wants to do when he wants to do them has returned (for the most part.) His renewed passion of love, caring, devotion, and romantic gestures have come back.

THIS is all I wanted for my birthday.

I am a man of deep faith. I had faith that persistence, caring, devoted time and attention, and good medical care would bring my spouse back to better health.

We’re at Day 20 without symptoms. Get us to Day 60, and then we’ll start talking remission.

Life is short: have faith, and show those you love how you love them!

5 thoughts on “Birthday Wish Granted

  1. So here’s hoping your birthday wish comes true for you and ‘hubby’.

    Happy Birthday, BHD.

  2. That is the best birthday present anybody can get. You made it to Day 20, that’s great. Let’s hope you get to Day 60. You just have to take it one day at a time. Happy Birthday BHD!!!

  3. I’ll have to write a wish in substitute for our brother, your twin, who is out there saving the world.

    Happy birthday, little brother. You make life interesting and fun for all around you. You work hard, play hard, but most of all, you care so deeply for everyone.

    I am glad that you are getting a respite from the intense caregiving of your husband and that we are seeing you again more often at family gatherings.

    We love you and our lives are richer for having you as our very own “almost-the-littlest” “Little Bother.”

    Sister M

  4. Hello,

    nice to see that you had such a wondeful gift for your birthday. I hope that your partner is doing very well from day to day.
    Both of you deserve happiness.

    Égide Leblanc (Montréal, Canada)

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