Boots of the Last Week

Always booted, I had a very busy week as usual during the past week. Here are the boots that I wore day-by-day:

Sunday 10 August

Up before dawn for the usual brisk walk with my senior walking pal. Wore the jeans, t-shirt, and Chippewa hikers.

Chiplogger14Home by 0645, showered, and snuggled again for a little while with my spouse. Then up-and-at-em! Pulled on carpenter denim jeans, heavy-duty Chippewa logger boots, and a t-shirt, and packed 3 more t-shirts along with some towels into a small duffle bag. I’ll explain why later.

I prepared a four-flour waffle and rabbit food cereal for the spouse. I had an egg, toast, and orange juice. I packed a large ice chest with bottled water. Then I went to my workshop and got a whole lot of tools (too many to mention.) Packed my truck with all these things and drove over to the local building supplies retailer where I met four buddies who had their pickup trucks. We went to the Pro Desk and picked up a large order of building, plumbing, and electrical supplies.

We then convoyed about a mile away at a elderly woman’s home which required a LOT of work. She had neglected to have repairs made for many years, and had accumulated a lot of papers, trash, and useless junk. 22 of us, including 3 of her daughters, tackled fixing up her house. A large roll-off dumpster was completely filled with junk. My buddies and I repaired the roof, water leaks and damage, remediated mold, fixed drywall, painted, repaired the electrical system, installed new smoke alarms, and performed many other home repairs too numerous to list.

By the time I got home at 2000, I was absolutely exhausted. Caught up with the spouse for a little bit, then hit the sack by 2020.

Monday 11 August

Chipblackpitstop02Man, the moon was so bright, it woke me up at 0400! I got up and did some work on my website, then got dressed for work. Blue shirt, blue leather tie, navy blue dress slacks, and my new square-toe Chippewa boots. Did my full T-CLOCS check of my Harley; it was fine. Hopped on the bike and rode to work at the usual oh-dark-30.

Worked all day, then high-tailed it home because it looked like serious rain. Arrived home by 1540.

Voyager09A new pair of breeches that had arrived, along with a pair of Dehner boots and a unmarked uniform shirt. I wanted to check the fit of the new breeches, but then as I looked out the window, I saw the spouse in the gazebo. I sneaked out the basement door and crept up on the spouse who was snoozing. He awoke with a start, then said, “hi, officer Sir!” … we had a little fun … right there in the back yard.

We went inside about 1700 and I prepared dinner. After dinner, I changed to shorts, t-shirt, and padded around in socks. My spouse and I retreated to our basement leisure room. I did some community work on my laptop for a little while, then snuggled on the sofa and held my spouse’s hand while watching some drivel recorded on his Tivo.

Off to bed by the usual 2030.

Tuesday 12 August

Chipharnessbomber03Rain predicted all day; my truck is the choice for commuting to work. Light blue shirt, tan khakis, and brown roughout Chippewa harness boots.

Worked all day, then I went to the local building supplies retailer on my way home to return some supplies that we had left over from Sunday’s home makeover.

I got home by 1630, and found the spouse working on his coursework that he takes for his ongoing education. I kept quiet while I changed clothes to jeans, t-shirt, and just … socks.

Prepared dinner, then as we were going to the basement, the doorbell rang. Some senior pals had dropped by to give me a cake and sing “happy birthday.” How sweet. After that, the spouse and I retreated to the basement and did what I love: we read aloud to each other for the rest of the night. Off to bed by the usual 2030.

Wednesday 13 August

Bouletshooter01Rain cleared, ready to ride the Harley to work at the usual oh-dark-30. Dark blue shirt, no tie, light wheat khakis, and brown Boulet shooter boots. As I debated about what boots to wear to work, I wanted boots with a suitable sole to provide traction while operating my motorcycle, as well as comfortable for walking since we were taking a student intern to lunch at a restaurant about a mile away. The Boulet boots fit the bill.

Worked all day, home by the usual 1545.

Firebird05Changed to jeans, t-shirt, and Champion Attitude Firebird cowboy boots. Took the spouse to the grocery store because he wanted to get out.

Returned home, unpacked, prepared dinner, then changed to shorts, t-shirt, and socks. Read a book while my spouse watched TV. Went to bed at the usual 2030.

Thursday 14 August

DressdehnewNice cool morning for a ride on the Harley to work! Pulled on my dress instep Dehner boots (photos to come) over a pair of black dress slacks which I wore with a black/grey striped dress shirt, no tie.

Rode to work on the Harley, and pull the pants out of the boots and over them, so the boots looked like dress shoes. No one said a thing about the boots all day, but I could feel them on my legs as I walked around and used the stairs to get from floor to floor for meetings.

Home by 1510, a bit early. My boss sent me home early because my chronic intestinal disease had flared.

Took the boots and dress clothes off, changed to shorts and a t-shirt, and informed the spouse that I had to rest. For the remainder of the afternoon, I rested then ran to the toilet… several times. This chronic intestinal illness is no fun. (Probably set off by eating at the restaurant for lunch the day before when we took out intern out to thank him. This is why I do not eat out; I cannot handle food prepared by others.)

I was feeling better by early evening and prepared dinner for the spouse. I, however, only drank some electrolyte-restoring juice (blecchhh…) and water.

Sat with the spouse for a while, then went to bed by 2000.

Friday 15 August

Chipfire202Another clear, chilly, dry day to ride the Harley to work. “Wear work boots and jeans” said the boss yesterday. “Clean-up day on Friday!” Glad to comply with that request… clean denim jeans, non-animal golf shirt, and my Chippewa Firefighters.

I had recovered from yesterday’s incident, so I felt well enough to ride the Harley to work. Worked and cleaned all day, rode home and arrived by the usual 1545.

Found the spouse in the kitchen with a list for a grocery store that has specials on Fridays. I did not change clothes, but changed vehicles. My spouse and I went to the store in my truck.

Back home by 1700. I had already prepared dinner for the spouse, so I heated it and fed him. I remounted the Harley and rode to my brother’s house for the regular Friday family dinner.

Home by 2000, and found the spouse in the basement leisure room pretending to watch TV. He actually was asleep. He awoke when I sat next to him, held his hand, and rested my head on his strong, broad shoulder. We watched something-or-other that he had recorded on his Tivo, then went to bed by 2130.

Saturday 16 August

Chiphiker02Hmmmm… someone’s birthday is today 🙂 I rose before dawn and met my senior walking partner. I wore the usual Chippewa hikers with jeans and a t-shirt. Walked a measly 10 miles. When I arrived home, my spouse had prepared breakfast for me! Wow!

My plan for this lovely day, weather-wise, was to mount my Harley and ride to my niece’s house to visit with her, her husband, and their twin sons. I had changed boots to my Chippewa Firefighters. I had a great time playing with my three-year-old great nephews.

Chipfire201I rode home and arrived by 1430. I found the spouse — where else? — in the gazebo by the pond. I relaxed with him for a couple hours, then he told me to stay there while HE prepared dinner. He grilled steaks, and did a great job!

After dinner, we retreated to our basement and read to each other. My spouse had given me some books for my birthday that were excellent “read aloud” stories.

We read to each other, then hit the sack by 2100. Tired and happy.

Check back next time for “as the boots roll” … this coming week, they will be “rolling” cross-country!

Life is short: wear boots!