Easing Into Leather

My recovery from the broken leg is going very well now. I am walking with a more steady gait, and not limping (much…). I can wear two normal boots with relatively flat soles. I have been getting a lot of exercise by swimming and walking. That helps me regain the range of motion in my ankle, as well as helps control weight… though it’s coming off in ounces and not by the pound. (I expected that. All good things take time.)

During the eight weeks that I was housebound and had a splint or cast on my leg, I couldn’t wear a pair of leather jeans if I wanted to. I probably could have put on a pair of chaps, but I wasn’t interested. It was a chore just to get situated into my easy-chair during the day and back to bed at night, so attempting to get leather gear out of the closet and put it on was too much to think about. Plus, my partner was much more concerned about me and my recovery to think about getting me any leather to wear.

Even though the cast has been off for more than a week, my right ankle is still swollen. By the end of the day, it is rather large. I have to elevate it and put ice on it. So again, at least for the past cast-less week, I have not considered wearing any leather. I guess another reason that I haven’t thought much about wearing leather is that I am prohibited from riding my Harley, so I don’t need to put on protective clothing.

However, as I am regaining my strength and stability, and while it is still cool outdoors, I am also regaining interest in wearing leather again. Let’s say that I am “easing into it.” I have worn a leather shirt around the house when I get home from work. I’ll probably put on a pair of leather jeans soon to see how they fit. I will not, however, be able to wear leather breeches that zip closed around the lower ankle to fit inside tall patrol boots. The ankle swelling situation has to go away before I can even “think” of wearing leather breeches or patrol boots again. Perhaps by autumn… but not now, and probably not during the summer, either.

All good things come to those who wait. I am a patient man.

Life is short: think forward!

2 thoughts on “Easing Into Leather

  1. You have been a patient man in accepting the time it has taken to recover from your injury. You have kept your spirits up and have had a positive attitude throughout the whole ordeal despite the toll it has taken on you.
    You are often in my thoughts especially when I walk along by the ocean and remember how you have told me this is one of your favourite places, when I walk I walk for you also!
    Get better soon.

  2. I've become more comfortable in my skin since encountering your blog. i'm doing some reworking on my website, I noticed I forgot a reciprocal link. I'll put it on tomorrow.

    It it is incumbent upon the folks who have come before to share their experiences with those who are just learning .. geeze, that's deep, but reading about your comfort with wearing leather has allowed me to wear it a bit in my every day life .. and I am enjoying being myself. Thats prety deep. My wife thinks it sexy. My kids think its natural for me. (13 and 21) My friends think its just what I am. Its so silly, its just a garment .. but its what I like to wear.

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