Birthday Shout and Other Bits

Today is a friend’s birthday. I call him “AZ” on this blog and on BOL. I call him a caring and thoughtful soul. Lots of others do, too. I call him handsome, intelligent, funny, and fun — as do many others as well.

AZ is a humble man, and doesn’t like a lot of attention. So these few lines will serve sufficiently to say that I am observing this annual milestone for my buddy, I wish him well, and wish that I could be in Arizona so I could bake him a cake and give him a hug. This “e-hug” will have to do, though I sent him a small gift and a card. I know he knows how highly I think of him, so I promised him, “basta.” (This is enough–no gushing.)

In other news…

Today is FRIDAY! Woo-hoo! It’s been a heck of a long week, being my first week back at work after having my cast cut off and being cleared to go back to work. My partner has eased me into it by driving us to the Metro and home each day, which was much appreciated.

I smile a lot when I think of “Friday,” because my buddy Clay gets so very excited about Fridays. He does a “Friday Happy Dance” that I hear about and when I do, it makes me happy, too. Thanks, Clay, for always brightening my Fridays (and the rest of the week, too!)

My friend Kevin, the wise and introspective one, posted a comment on a blog post that caused me to think a great deal about the difference between religion and faith. It was in a comment to this post. What he said that hit close to my heart is that “faith is inspired by mercy” and it is faith that drives people to alleviate suffering and to help others. Yeah, he’s absolutely right once again … he hit my nail on the head. Thanks, Kevin, for your inspiring thoughts and reflections.

My twin brother, J, called yesterday and was grilling me about my recovery. He wants me to get better, but doesn’t want me to overdo it. He has been reading some things I had posted in other forums and was concerned. I assured him that with mother-hubbard St. Partner on my case, there’s no way I can “overdo it.” I am so blessed; my partner is still doing a lot of things for me that I just don’t have the energy or ability to do at this stage of my recovery, with nary a whimper, either. So rest assured, J, I am not killing myself or prolonging my recovery when I use words like, “pushing through the pain.”

I’ll close with another reflection from my friend Kevin, who said that upon reading my blog posts over time, that the sentiment in the Frank Capra movie from which I’ve quoted a lot, It’s a Wonderful Life, applies to me in real life. I have a wonderful net of family and friends with whom I am closely bonded. They actually enjoyed caring for me when I was laid up with my broken leg. My man loves me deeply, as I love him. Our home is nice, our community supportive, and our state accepting (and our State Senate finally had the cajones to pass a bill about using cell phones while driving that I had been supporting for over eight years!) All-in-all, yeah, it’s a wonderful life and I’m happy to be in it. Especially, I’m happy to be closely intertwined with all who compose my life.

Life is short: love it! Happy birthday, AZ! (Ha, you thought I said enough was enough, didn’t ‘ya!)