Boots of the Past Week

As my life rolls on in my boring but safe little world, these are the boots that I wore each day during the past week:

Sunday 20 July

Chiphiker02I began the morning before dawn in my Chippewa hikers with my octogenarian walking partner. We went on the most vigorous, long long walk I’ve ever done: 12 miles (19.3km) in 3:40. It would have even been less time, except that in the last-half mile, I tripped over a curb and got delayed recovering and hobbling back home. (I recovered quickly; nothing was bruised except my ego.)

Arrived home by 0730, showered, and changed to a pair of jeans, t-shirt, and no boots (yet). My spouse woke soon thereafter. I prepared him my home-made waffle breakfast and much to my surprise and delight, he said, “look, it will be a nice day. I’m fine… go for a ride!”

Fryeblackcampuslug04Happy with the news, I took him up on his suggestion. I changed to perforated leather jeans and pulled on a pair of lug-soled Frye boots. I pulled out my trusty iron horse, checked it thoroughly, washed the windscreen, then took off. I met riders from my club to enjoy a nice day out.

Got home by 1530. Found the spouse in the back yard gazebo. We chatted for a while, lingering over our conversation until it was time to prepare dinner.

After dinner, I put the Harley away and changed into jeans and Chippewa work boots and prepared for my big construction day tomorrow. We will assemble that Big Thing for My Kitchen!

To bed by the usual 2030.

Monday 21 July

Up and at-em by 0430. Man, such a lazy bum I am, sleeping a half hour late! But I am not going to the office today.

Chiparroyo54Dressed in shorts, socks, and t-shirt while I teleworked for an hour. I quickly changed into jeans, t-shirt, and those comfy Chippewa work boots again.

Woke the spouse by 0600. He fed himself while I quickly returned the lawn mower that I had to rent last Saturday when I broke both of my own.

I returned home before 0700. My spouse retreated to his bedroom while I set up for everything that I planned to do today. By 0830, three buddies had arrived. I had already made coffee and a coffee cake. My friends and I talked through the plans for assembly and installation of “the big thing in my kitchen.” Okay, really, it is a custom hutch. More photos are here.

Whole01We spent the entire day assembling and installing this thing, but it is a remarkable piece of functional art. During lunch, I prepared a meal for everyone, including my spouse. But the spouse refused to socialize over lunch, so I brought him a meal while the rest of us ate burgers that I grilled during our lunch break.

My friends left by 1600. I went to get the spouse who remained in the bedroom. I wish he weren’t so antisocial.

We both were amazed at the final outcome. We sat and stared at it all during dinner.

After dinner, I was dog tired. I went to bed by 1930 while the spouse remained in the kitchen doing a few touch-ups of the finish of the new cabinetry. The spouse came to bed long after I was sound asleep.

Tuesday 22 July

Ariat01No rest for the weary! Up and at-em by the usual 0400. Dressed in blue navy slacks, blue striped shirt, no tie. I selected my my Ariat biker/cowboy boots to wear today. Why? They looked lonely! Hopped on the Harley and rode to work.

Worked all day, home by 1545. Found the spouse sitting in the kitchen, staring at the hutch, marveling at the outcome. That made me smile.

Justinbentrail06I changed to jeans, t-shirt, and a pair of Justin two-tone buckaroo boots. Why those boots? They looked lonely!

I did some chores around the house, including loading my two lawn mowers into my truck so I can take them for repair tomorrow.

I prepared dinner. Relaxed with the spouse in the basement while he watched whatever drivel he recorded on his Tivo. I didn’t really pay attention — I just sat back in the arms of my spouse and drifted into dreamland.

The spouse woke me about 2100 and we went to bed.

Wednesday 23 July

Lucpython09Storms predicted for later, and I had to drive my truck to work anyway because I have to take my lawn mowers to the shop on my way home. I wore tan khakis, light blue shirt, no tie, and Lucchese light brown python cowboy boots. Several people noticed the boots throughout the day and all of them said, “nice boots!” (See, you can and you *should* wear boots to work. People say nice things when they notice them.)

Worked a full day and took off on time (for a change.) Drove to the lawnmower repair shop and dropped off my mowers. Home by 1630, and found the spouse in the kitchen staring at the hutch. He’s so cute when he does that.

Mezcalero2I changed to jeans, t-shirt, and a pair of Mezcalero lizard cowboy boots. Why those boots? They looked lonely!

I continued to fill the new hutch with things that we had planned to put into it. I then prepared dinner.

After dinner, my twin brother called and we talked for over an hour. Then I went to the basement and found my spouse with the TV on, but he was sound asleep. I woke him, and then we watched something-or-other. We went to bed by the usual 2030.

Thursday 24 July

LosAltosPython02Weather cleared, so I dressed for riding the Harley to work. Black dress slacks, white shirt, no tie. Los Altos black/white harness boots.

Chipfire201Worked all day, home by 1545. Changed to jeans, local fire department t-shirt, and my Chippewa firefighter boots. Prepared dinner, then after cleaning up, I mounted my Harley and rode to my local fire department to begin teaching a multi-week course with a colleague.

The course went well so far. I rode home and arrived by 2110. Time for bed!

Friday 25 July

Chipostrichblack10Casual clean-up day at the office today. I wore clean denim jeans, non-animal golf shirt, and my Chippewa black ostrich harness boots. Rode the Harley to the office at the usual o-dark-30.

Cleaned and worked all day. Arrived home at the usual 1545. Found the spouse in his bedroom. Unfortunately, as good a week as he had, today was not a good day for him. I changed roles into caregiver again. Fortunately, if there is a bright side, he wasn’t as sick as he has been before. He just wasn’t well — today. I couldn’t leave him, so I did not go to my family’s usual Friday night dinner.

I ate a small meal, fed the spouse, and then went to bed by 2000. We both slept through the night without any further problems, health-wise.

Saturday 26 July

I rose before dawn, and checked on the spouse. He looked angelic, sleeping peacefully. I met my senior walking partner for a long walk while wearing the usual — jeans, t-shirt, and Chippewa hikers. We walked only 5 miles because I was worried about the spouse so I wanted to get back.

Doublehgelice08Home by 0550, showered, and changed to jeans, non-sweaty t-shirt, and Double H cowboy work boots. Prepared breakfast for the spouse — he looked and said that he felt better.

I drove to the lawn mower repair shop and picked up both of my lawnmowers which had been repaired. Returned home, and my spouse announced, “let’s do that run to the dump that we had been talking about.” We had collected junk and construction debris, so it was time to dispose of it. We (I) filled my truck with all sorts of crap. I drove to our county’s dump (sorry, where I live, they call it a “transfer station.”) Dumped the trash and properly disposed of some used motor oil.

The spouse was feeling like he wanted to continue with a morning’s errands, so I picked up three senior pals and we all went to a grocery store for our weekly groceries. Without even trying, my spouse won a daily drawing and our groceries were free. Wow! I never win anything! Unfortunately (in a way), we only got about US$40 of groceries. The drawing provided up to $100 of groceries — whatever was in our cart. Oh well, it was a nice thing to have happen. My spouse was particularly happy.

Arrived home by lunchtime. I prepared lunch, then mowed the lawn. The sharp blade made a huge difference!

Chipharnessbomber03After lunch, I changed to shorts and bare feet so that I could change the water in our hot tub. The spouse said that he was interested in trying to use it again. After completing the change of water, I pulled on a pair of jeans and my Chippewa brown harness boots to break them in a little bit.

Since we had to wait overnight for the water in the hot tub to warm to the right temperature, I joined the spouse in the gazebo on a pleasantly warm afternoon, held his hand, and just talked.

We had dinner at 1730, then retired to our basement for the usual evening of drivel, napping, and other nonsense.

To bed by the usual 2030. Nice day, nice quiet evening.

Life is short: enjoy a comfortable, casual, quiet little boring life.