Most of My Riding Lately

It is peak motorcycle riding time. With personal needs to stay close-to-home to keep an eye on my spouse, I have not been riding much with an almost daily exception–

… that is, commuting via Harley to work and home. I worked with local elected officials to support legislation that provides free motorcycle parking in public parking garages and lots, and the “frugal” side of me enjoys that — but mostly, I simply enjoy commuting by motorcycle.

A colleague wanted to take pictures of me on my bike for a feature story he is writing (long story what that’s about, but that is why I am wearing my “club colors” biker vest) and my boss wanted to see my Harley, so this past Friday, I stopped out front of my building in the afternoon as I was leaving.

Here I am, dressed in jeans and (what else?) Chippewa Firefighter boots — THE most comfortable boots for motorcycling!

Sorry that I had to blur out my vest patches, but there are strange perceptions about this blog and the sponsor of the club, and I don’t want them to get their knickers in a twist again.

Life is short: commute (properly) booted to work!Ridepostblog01Ridepostblog02Ridepostblog03Ridepostblog04