Boots of the Past Week

This last week has been about as typical in my boring old life as ever. Here are the boots that I chose to wear each day during the past week:

Sunday 13 July

Began before dawn in Chippewa Hikers with the usual hearty (or shall I say heart-pounding) long walk with my senior walking partner.

JustintandistressedArrived home at 0645, showered, then pulled on a pair of jeans, t-shirt, and for old-times sake, I tried to pull on a pair of Frye boots, but again, they just don’t fit any more. (Note to self: sell those Fryes. No sense in keeping boots that you can never wear again, sigh.) Instead, I pulled on a pair of comfy Justin cowboy boots.

I let my spouse sleep until 0800, then gently woke him. I prepared him breakfast. His health seemed to be okay — not great, but not as bad as yesterday. He assured me that he was okay, so after breakfast, I took several of my senior pals grocery shopping.

Sunflowerme03No sooner than I returned home, the phone rang. “Hey Mr. Sunshine!” said my cop buddy, JB. “Mom said that you needed a break — I’m riding over to your house in 30 minutes. Be ready for a ride!” When you get an “order” like that from a cop, you comply. My spouse again assured me that he was feeling okay and he encouraged me to go for a ride with JB.

Chipshortnonsteel04I quickly changed to biker attire. I pulled on my mesh leather jeans, t-shirt, and my short Chippewa engineer boots. Why those boots? I dunno… they looked lonely.

I had a great ride with my friend on a beautiful, sunny warm day.

I arrived home by 1430. I found the spouse sitting peacefully in the backyard gazebo. I explained about the great ride and showed him some of the photos that I took of a huge sunflower field.

DProughout09I went inside about 1530 and changed clothes again. It was rather warm for leather — even if the leather has holes in it. I pulled on a pair of denim jeans, another clean t-shirt, and a pair of Dan Post roughout cowboy boots. Why those boots? They looked lonely and unworn.

I began to boil potatoes and made gnocchi and a potato-based pizza for my spouse. Unfortunately, I can’t eat that, so I made myself a sandwich and some chips.

Timberland11After dinner, my spouse and I retreated to our cool, comfortable basement. I changed boots again to Timberland work boots. Why those boots? They were there. I spent another couple hours finishing up work on “that big thing for my kitchen” while my spouse watched some blather on TV.

To bed by the usual 2030, tired but happy.

Monday 14 July

Chipharness99Up before dawn… last day when I am “Acting Boss.” I pulled on blue dress slacks, blue shirt, maroon tie, and a pair of shined-up Chippewa harness boots. Rode the Harley to work, arriving at the usual oh-dark-30.

Lucrattlesnake15Worked all day, home by 1545. Changed to jeans, non-animal golf shirt, and Lucchese Classic rattlesnake cowboy boots. I did some chores around the house, then prepared dinner for my spouse and me.

After dinner, a fellow community activist picked me up and we went to a planning board hearing. I testified and returned home by 2000. To bed by 2030.

Tuesday 15 July

Wolverinebrown04Dressed in brown khakis, yellow shirt, NO TIE! (yippie — the boss is back and I don’t have to go to meetings!), I pulled on a pair of Wolverine short brown engineer boots. Why those boots? They looked lonely and unworn.

Rode the Harley to work. Eagerly welcomed the boss back from his long absence. Briefed him for over an hour, then just worked the rest of the day.

Chipfire302Had a late phone meeting. Arrived home by 1645. Changed to jeans, local FD volunteer uniform shirt, and smooth-soled Chippewa firefighter boots.

Prepared dinner for the spouse. He looked good, all things considered. I then went to a meeting at my local fire station where I am a Life Member.

Home by 2030, time for bed.

Wednesday 16 July

DPbrownwing16Strong storms forecast for the afternoon, so I wore tan khakis, blue shirt, no tie, and Dan post brown vegas-cut cowboy boots to work. Arrived at the usual oh-dark-30. Worked all day. Drove home at 1530 between rainstorms, so I made the right choice not to ride the Harley as the streets were still quite flooded with runoff.

Changed to a t-shirt, jeans and Justin work boots. Did final wood working on “that big thing for my kitchen” for a couple hours, then prepared dinner.

After dinner, it was raining again, so I just curled up with my spouse. We had another “read aloud to each other” evening. I so enjoy those nights without the blather of TV.

To bed by the usual 2030.

Thursday 17 July

Chipshinelug28What a glorious and refreshing morning! The storms last night brought in a cold front, so it was absolutely delightful today! Morning temp was 60F (15.5C). Almost tempted to pull the leathers on — but alas, I am going to work. So I pulled on thick(er) navy khakis, pale blue shirt, and lug-soled Chippewa hi-shine boots. I also wore a black leather tie to keep the wind from going down my neck.

Also pulled on my bright yellow safety jacket and gloves. Rode to work at oh-dark-30. The most pleasant ride to work I have had in a long time!

I was toying with taking the leather tie off when I arrived, but I got busy and forgot. Kept the leather tie on all day. No one said a thing.

AA40003Arrived home at the usual 1545. Immediately changed to t-shirt, jeans, and All American model 400 station boots. Why those boots? They looked lonely!

Spent two hours moving all of the parts and pieces of “that big thing for my kitchen” outdoors to my decks. Began to apply stain and protective coatings to them. It’s best to do this work outside because the odors of oil-based stain are awful and make both my spouse and me ill.

After dinner, I spent another two hours staining. Almost done… almost.

To bed by 2030, as usual.

Friday 18 July

Chipfire205Another stunningly delightful day ahead! And it’s casual Friday at work, to boot! I wore a blue chambray shirt, clean denim jeans, and my Chippewa Firefighter boots. Rode the Harley to work.

Worked all day, but at the end of the day, got the Harley and posed for some photos in front of my building for a colleague doing a feature story about bikers.

AAFF06Home by 1600. Immediately changed to a t-shirt and All American model 401 station boots. Why those boots? (repeat after me!): they looked lonely!

Was delighted to find that my spouse had felt well enough to help with the staining of almost 100 pieces of “that big thing for my kitchen.” During most of the day while I was at work, he stained the reverse sides, ends, and other parts that I could not complete the day before. Wow!

Since there was not anything more than I could do on this project while the wood pieces were drying, I prepared dinner for my spouse, then hopped on my Harley and rode to a sister’s house to join the regular Friday Night Family Dinner. Haven’t been to it for several weeks, and I missed it.

Got home early (enough) and changed to shorts and just socks. Sat with the spouse until bedtime… later. (wink.)

Saturday 19 July

Chiphiker02Rose early and completed another 8-mile walk with my inspiring senior walking partner. Chippewa hikers, jeans, and t-shirt.

Home by 0630, showered, and worked quietly until 7:30 when I jumped into bed with my spouse.

Lucrattlesnake13We both got up at 0830, when I dressed in jeans, t-shirt, and Lucchese Classic eastern rattlesnake cowboy boots. Prepared breakfast for my spouse and me. Then I took 3 lovely ladies grocery shopping.

When I arrived home, the spouse said that he wanted to get out, so we went grocery shopping together. I can’t really explain how good this made both of us feel — for him to feel well enough to go out, even for such a mundane activity.

We arrived home in time for lunch. After that, I changed to Timberland work boots and prepared to mow the lawn. I thought I would try to change the blade first… but that turned out to be a catastrophe. I got the old blade off and the new blade on, but I could not tighten the blade nut worth the life of me. I struggled with it for well over an hour.

I had to borrow a neighbor’s lawn mower and make plans to take mine to a shop for a fix that should not be so hard. Dayum!

Prepared dinner for the spouse and me, then sat with him in our backyard sanctuary on a nice evening.

Inside by 2040, talked for a while, then off to bed.

Life is short: wear boots!