Obligatory Blogotory — Negatory

Hey, loyal BHD’s Musings readers… yep, I’ve reached that point where I have nothing to write about. I’m just plum out of content or ideas.

I am very busy at work, caregiving for my spouse, and the other 0.0009% of my time … well, you get the picture. However, Monday, three strong strapping dudes…

…will come over to my house to help me with the assembly and installation of “that big thing for my kitchen.” It really is coming along quite well. Over 300 hours of work in my home workshop — lathing, mitering, sanding, drilling, routing, rerouting, sanding, more drilling, more mitering, more routing, and lots and LOTS of sanding… molto molto “wood work” — will be revealed come Tuesday after Monday’s installation.

Right now, about 100 of its component parts are out on my decks, drying in cool, delightfully sunny and dry (humidity-wise) weather. Perfect weather for oil-based stain and protective coatings to dry. (And also perfect weather for riding my Harley — at least for commuting to and from work!)

Other than that… the rest of my 0.0000000000009% of my time is free.

Ideas for what to write about within the usual confines of this blog’s themes are welcome. Send me an email or write a comment below.

Have a lovely summer! (Or winter Down Under.)

Life is short: cut the blather when you have nothing to say and no time to write.