Life Rolls On

Slight delay in posting… things have been busy in the ol’ BHD household. My spouse, my work life, Harley repairs, rental house renovations, and my daily life in the community have kept me quite busy.

But life rolls on, sweetly on a Harley that feels new.

Spouse requires daily IV-pushed powerful antibiotics. I’m not so fond of doing that, but the process has been set up to be fairly easy and painless. My spouse is quite the trooper in putting up with that, and seeing me in gloves and a mask each time I do it. On top of the IV-administered drug, he also takes other drugs orally. His treatment regimen is quite complicated, but so far, it is being followed closely. We will not see results for a while. Wish him well.

Work life has been intensely busy. I am on TDY, in an Acting Capacity position, covering for my boss and others during the lonely months of summer when everyone (other than me) takes vacation time. So I’m my own boss and others bosses, too. Actually, not really *that* bossy — just keeping program management and supervision going in the absence of the bosses. I understand they give these assignments as a test, and if one does well, he eventually gets promoted to that level permanently. Anyway, I’m not doing this TDY for that reason. I do it because, well, I’m the only one here (LOL) and I haven’t screwed things up (yet) so the boss’s boss’s boss is giving me a chance.

The ol’ Harley feels new again. A few weeks ago, I bought and installed a new gel-insert seat. Man, this seat is comfortable! I could ride for hours and not get saddle sore. I should have upgraded my stock seat a long time ago. I never realized how much of a difference a new seat would make to the comfort of my ride. Then last week, another problem happened — my rear tire was losing air from what turned out to be a screw in the tire. Yeah — a screw! I must have picked it up on the road. Fortunately, whenever that happened, it did not pop the tire. I was able to ride the Harley to the shop and leave it for repair. They suggested that I replace both front and rear tires, because both were equally as old and worn. Kinda expensive, but worth it. Thank goodness for a savings account for unexpected expenses. And best yet, the Harley rides like it was new!

I had mentioned before that a renter who occupied a rental house I own had disappeared, and left quite a mess behind. I hired a company to clean it out, and in just one day, they did a great job cleaning it up and hauling off the trash. I could have done that work myself, but I didn’t have the time. It took five men nine hours to do all that cleaning. Finding 45 hours in my life is nearly impossible. I have spent several hours doing some minor repairs and figuring out what other work needs to be done, and lining up contractors to do painting, some plumbing, and roof repairs. Oh well, all part of the price of owning investment properties.

In daily life, I am still working on building and finishing “that big thing for my kitchen.” It is both functional and a piece of art! I am thrilled with how it is coming along. My router table never got so much work, but the results are stunning. Most of the main components made from #1 red oak are all cut and most of them are routed and mitered. Time soon to begin applications of coats of finishes — varnish, stain, and protective coatings. Then some assembly, but not entirely — I cannot carry “it” to my kitchen as all one piece. I will have to finish assembly on site. Anyway, an hour here, a half-hour there, another hour somewhere else. About 20 more hours and I think it will be done, reaching my goal of having it installed before my mother-in-law’s annual visit in late July.

I haven’t mentioned my lovely LOLITS (Little Old Ladies In Tennis Shoes) much, but they remain an important part of my life. I dedicate time to take them grocery shopping each week, and do what I can to help with minor home repairs on request. They take care of us, too. One of them inspires me to get regular exercise by walking waaaay too vigorously with me on weekends. Another drops in on my spouse during the week just to check on him. Another prepares the most delicious (according to the Spouse) rabbit food dishes, since I can’t stand even the smell of much of that stuff that my spouse is required to eat because he is not allowed to eat most regular foods considering his health condition.

Also in daily life, I celebrated with two friends who showed me a letter that they received, indicating that they have completed all requirements to earn U.S. citizenship. I have been coaching them for about an hour each week for the past 12 weeks in English and U.S. civics. They passed the required “citizenship” test (called a “naturalization test.”) They will be given the Oath of Allegiance on our nation’s Independence Day in my state’s capitol. I will be there with boots on, waving the flag! I am so happy for them!

Caregiving takes a lot of my time, when otherwise I could be out riding my Harley with friends or building more “big things” in my woodshop, or carting about more LOLITS. Caregiving is not a burden, it is a sincere and heartfelt pleasure to show the one I love how much I love him, each and every day. He returns the love in other ways, like gentle snuggles, soothing back rubs, and many, many other expressions both in touch and in words. The love remains solid and sweet between us. Each day I cherish loving him and caring for him.

Life continues busily, but being busy keeps me happy. But overall, it is important to remember what Clarence said to George in my favorite movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life” — no man is a failure who has friends. Thank you, and thanks to my community, for your friendship.

Life is short: show those you love how you love them.