Ride Your Motorcycle To Work

Yesterday was National Ride Your Motorcycle to Work Day. Like us bikers need a day to recognize what we love to do as weather permits? Of COURSE!

Funny story about wearing dress slacks tucked into tall boots that I chose to wear for NRYMTWD (this acronym needs help…)

I made arrangements for a colleague who arrives to work as early as I do to meet me on the plaza in front of my building to take a few photos. I decided to wear lug-sole Dehner boots over my black dress slacks and my Langlitz jacket — make the full statement that I’m a biker who rides his motorcycle to work!

When my colleague finished taking the photos, I rode around to the parking lot, took off the jacket, helmet, and gloves, and locked them in the tourpak of my bike. I was going to pause and pull my pants out of my boots, but a good friend (former supervisor) walked up and we chatted for a while. No comment about the boots. Hmmmm… gave me an idea.

I walked into my building, past the guard’s station, and got on the elevator. Two other men (who I do not know) got in the elevator with me.

I can see them scanning me up-and-down: dress shirt, tie, and clean pressed black slacks — with big honkin’ Dehner patrol boots over them!

I broke the ice and said, “it’s National Ride Your Motorcycle to Work Day.”

One of them replied, “hey, really nice boots. I mean, really cool!” The other guy said, “funny, I didn’t see many bikers on the interstate on my way in this morning.”

My response: “their loss.”

The first guy laughed out loud and said, “great thinking! But maybe they didn’t ride today because they didn’t have such great boots!”Rideworkblog3Life is short: ride your motorcycle to work, wearing boots!

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