A Month of Bootlessness and Leatherlessness


  • Boot•less•ness. noun. The state of being without boots on one’s feet, as in “bootless.”
  • Lea•ther•less•ness. noun. The state of being without leather, as in “not wearing leather.”

One month ago, on a chilly, wet afternoon, this Boy Scout wearing a full leather uniform (consisting of leather jeans and a leather jacket) and strong, sturdy Chippewa Firefighter boots was escorting a little old lady from his truck to her home. He was burdened with some heavy bags of groceries.

The Boy Scout was lazy. He piled the groceries into two large bags, and put the lady’s arm in his arm. He could have spread the groceries out into three or four bags, and made two trips to the truck. But nooooo… he had to try to carry everything at once.

The Boy Scout felt the little old lady teetering, and he steadied her. She remained upright, and the Boy Scout was upsot. “Crack!” went the fibula. The rest, as they say, “is history.”

For a guy who enjoys wearing leather almost every day, especially in the winter, this was quite a way to test his resolve and to determine, once and for all, if leather is simply clothing or a fetish interest, or both. Since the leg was broken and there has been a progression from splints to a big, heavy, fiberglass cast on the leg, this Boy Scout has been both bootless and leatherless for the duration of his recovery so far.

Well, correction on that: I have been able to wear one boot on my good left leg. But I still can’t put on a pair of leather jeans, as the cast won’t fit through the leg. I guess if I were really having a bad case of “leather withdrawal,” I could wear chaps. But I have found that an old pair of bellbottom denim jeans works fine … much better than wearing PJ bottoms, that’s for sure (LOL!).

Do I miss wearing boots and leather every day? Well, let me put it this way: I miss having that choice. Since the cast prevents me from wearing two boots, much less standing on my own two feet, and it also prevents me from wearing normal pants, I’m kinda stuck with accepting what I can wear.

Does it bother me? Am I having serious leather withdrawal? Are my feet protesting being in a long-term non-booted state? Am I unable to have sex with my partner? …

Poppycock. Well, the poppy anyway. I’m fine. My partner remains as frisky as ever, and we’ve learned not to let the cast get in the way of some “fun” (evil grin). Since I am not using any pain meds, my performance is not affected. (smile.)

I would like to return to having the choice of putting on my own clothes, and choosing to wear boots and leather in this cold weather. But I’m surviving. I’ll be okay. Remember, to me, leather and boots are functional clothing and footwear. They’re really not fetish, as they are function.

I am climbing the walls, but only because the confinement during a period of really bad weather and NOT being able to get out (or anywhere even within my own house) on my own is driving me bats. But you know, it really could be worse. I keep telling myself that, and know it in my heart. I have a nice home, comfortable surroundings, a wonderful partner who cares for me deeply and tends to my every need. I have friends and neighbors who care and check in on me regularly. I even have some lovely casseroles of mysterious stuff in the fridge.

What more could a guy want?

I will be okay in my current state of leatherlessness and bootlessness. Thanks for your concern.

Life is short: wear your boots and leather if you can!

2 thoughts on “A Month of Bootlessness and Leatherlessness

  1. From what I see, this is one "sore" boy scout. Keeping score, eh?

    Life is short: Never cross BHD. 😛

  2. Im not sure why; but I remembered this story: My grandmother when she was in her 70's was being followed by a motor cop wearing all leather. She finally pulled over but she would only open her window a crack. She told the cop that no way was she going to roll down her window for a man all dressed in leather! She got multiple tickets that day, all stuck thru her window which was opened about an inch to the leather man wouldn't get her .. Lol

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