Boots of the Past Week

Following is a chronicle of the boots I wore during the last week. That’s me — always booted, even when briefing high muckity-mucks!

Sunday 18 May

Chipfire202I awoke Sunday morning in the most uncomfortable chair I have ever been on — in a hospital room next to my spouse who had been admitted for observation. I was wearing what I started out the day before with: jeans, Senior Safety Saturday t-shirt, and my smooth-soled Chippewa Firefighter boots.

My sister met us when my spouse was released and drove us home. I collapsed for a nap. Upon rising in the early afternoon, I did not want to leave my spouse so I just padded around in shorts, socks, and a t-shirt. My twin brother arrived from Italy along with Sister G. We just stayed home.

Monday 19 May

Justinmeloveal15I had to go to work, and a fine day it was, weather-wise. Ever mindful that I can park my Harley for free at the garage under the building where I work, that was the kicker to take the Harley to work, despite how residually tired I was feeling.

I wore Justin Melo Veal Roper boots which look great with a suit… yep, a suit. I had to wear one to a briefing that my boss and I were giving to a muckity-muck group of people in downtown DC.

I did not arrive home until 2000, very late for me. I checked on my spouse, helped him to wash off more of that yellow gunk that they put on him at the hospital, then helped him to bed. Gave my big brother a huge bear hug of thanks, then undressed and dropped off to sleep at 2045.

Tuesday 20 May

Twcowboy03Went to work at the usual oh-dark-30 at my spouse’s insistence. I rode the Harley. I wore khakis, blue shirt, tie, and Tidewater Cowboy Boots. Got through the day and drove home as soon as my day was done.

Changed to Timberland work boots, jeans, and t-shirt because the lawn didn’t magically get mowed while I was at work. Took care of that chore, then showered and prepared dinner for my brother, spouse, and myself. Collapsed in bed by 2020.

Wednesday 21 May

TLoryx02Awoke to discover that it had rained overnight and the roads were still quite wet. My heart wasn’t into debating the weather forecast, so I decided that I would take the truck to work. I wore Tony Lama Oryx ostrich cowboy boots with blue slacks, tan shirt, striped tie. Meetings kept my mind occupied throughout the day.

Home by the usual 1545. Spouse had a bad day… plans for the remainder of the day were shot. I fed him and put him to bed. I then prepared a meal for my brother and me while we sat and talked about what to do. I went to bed by the usual 2030.

Thursday 22 May

Lucbrownwing02Storms predicted… didn’t ride the Harley to work. I wore wheat-colored khakis, green shirt, no tie, and Lucchese dark tan wingtip cowboy boots. I was Acting for my boss while he was out. Lots of niff-naffy stuff to do.

Home by 1545. Spouse was stable. I sent my brother to have dinner with our nephew who he wanted to see while he was here, to welcome the newest member of our family, my nephew and his wife’s son.

I changed to shorts, t-shirt, and socks and just stayed home, caring for my spouse. Helped him to bathe, then off to bed for both of us by 2030.

Friday 23 May

Since I had worked such long days earlier this week, my boss insisted that I telework instead of going to the office. I worked for a few hours, then took off for the rest of the day. Worked in shorts, t-shirt, and socks. Fed my brother and spouse breakfast.

My work day was over by 10am. Put on my Chippewa hikers and was met by my senior walking partner. We walked to the cemetery where my father, four of his brothers, and in-law uncles are buried. We put flags at their grave sites for Memorial Day.

Chippitstop23Home by noon, fed my spouse and brother, then changed boots to “well-seasoned” Chippewa western work boots and went to the nursery to buy some annuals and tomato plants to bring to my mother-in-law’s house. More about that later. These boots are so darn comfortable, and being so well-worn in and perhaps exposed to a little mud (woops), they have developed quite a bit of character.

Blackjackpython09When I arrived home, I changed clothes again to clean jeans, blue short-sleeved shirt, and Black Jack blue/cream python cowboy boots. Drove my spouse to see his doctor for a follow-up visit after last weekend’s hospitalization. Nothing much resulted; no new treatment. We didn’t expect a miracle cure.

Home by 1700 and changed to shorts & t-shirt. I was not going to the usual weekly family dinner due to my spouse’s condition. He was exhausted. I sent my brother to the dinner with my blessing and planned to stay home for the night.

Lucrattlesnake15However, the doctor called and suggested one more thing we could try. It was a product available at a health food store located not far away. I checked on my spouse — he was still sound asleep. I pulled on my jeans and Lucchese Classic Eastern Diamondback rattlesnake cowboy boots and drove to the store to find that product.

Why those boots? Because snakeskin boots drive the health-food yuppies crazy.

I found the product, and at the checkout, someone wearing a 10K walk for charity t-shirt, designer shorts, and Birkestock sandals was looking at my boots and shaking his head with “tisk-tisk” disdain. It was all I could do not to talk about going hunting or something. (Sorry, but these culture clashes with the organic-shmorganic yuppie set put me on edge.)

Got home, woke the spouse, gave him a dose of the product, then made him get up for a little while, else he would not sleep through the night. We sat and talked for an hour and a half, then went to bed. My brother must have arrived much later; I did not hear him come home.

Saturday 24 May

Chiphiker02Up by 0430 for a 6-mile walk with my senior walking pal. I needed it. I wore the usual Chippewa hikers. When I got home at 0550, I showered, then packed a bag.

Put on clean jeans, a Harley t-shirt, and my Chippewa Firefighter boots. Woke and fed the spouse, then loaded up his sedan with the plants that I bought yesterday, my overnight bag, and off I drove to his mother’s house in Pittsburgh.

Chipfire205We usually visit her together over Memorial Day weekend. However, when my spouse got so sick this week, he called her to say that he could not come. She wailed and cried — it’s always all about her. So to calm her and my spouse, I offered to go there by myself and take care of her winter-to-summer house conversion, plant the plants, and stay one night. Thankfully, my brother is here so he can care for my spouse whose health is still tenuous.

Life is short: wear boots… wherever.