Blog Milestone: 2000

Post2000According to a behind-the-blog statistical program, this is blog post 2,000. Wow… who woulda thunk that I could have written so much for so long — since January 2008.

MCbootsThis blog chronicles my life and its growth and change with age, as well as the relationship with the man who is my better half — the man I have loved and who I live to celebrate for over 21 years. The blog has described my interest and avocation with boots of many styles, shapes, heights, colors, and designs and how I wear them each day and every day for all activities in which I engage — professional job, home, motorcycling, work and construction, and so forth.

Handsrings01The blog on occasion relays stories about how I feel as a gay man. Not “that gay guy,” but “the colleague, friend, helper, or community leader who just happens to be gay and his spouse is a man.” Our society in the United States as a whole has changed so rapidly, my head spins sometimes… just to think, I’m married. To my man! 20 years ago, today was never.

Read more of my thoughts and feelings about this blog and its topic areas.

I tell ‘ya the truth, sometimes blogging has become a chore. After writing so many posts, 2,000 now, I feel that I have run out of original content. BlognewI have a pretty good memory and recall topics and posts that I have written before. So to me, such topics are redundant and repetitive. However, I would like to know from readers if they think my writing is repetitive and what else I can write about (within the limits of this blog’s general theme.)

For about 2-1/2 years of the life of this blog, I would post a new post every day. Nowadays, I cannot come up with the content to post something new every day, so I have backed off to posting about every other day. Sometimes more often, but most times, not.

However, I still have my commitment to write on this blog. So many of my fellow bloggers let their respective blogs die. They just stopped without an explanation or reason. I promise to keep going, as best as I can.

Besides a struggle with coming up with ideas to write about, I am juggling a demanding personal life. I work full-time in a management/supervisory position at work-work, and I work full-time at home in another management/supervisory position — caring for my spouse.

Ride03Between both of these full-time jobs, I try to squeeze in time to take senior pals grocery shopping and do home fix-it chores for them, and occasionally work in a motorcycle ride with my club. I add in visits with my family for birthdays and every Friday night for dinner. I am an officer in my professional association and my riding club. Then in my role as age-old community sage, I attend meetings and testify from time to time at public hearings. Honestly, I don’t know how adults with children handle it. I feel overwhelmed (sometimes) already without having the responsibility for caring for children.

Back to the blog…

Lucrattlesnake15Boots: styles, comfort, wear, reviews, and where to wear them — all will remain topics for this blog.

Contest10Leather: this is one area from which I have aged out. I have not attended any gay leather social or contest event in years, and have no plans to do so. I am over it. Fetish leather is interesting for play with a healthy spouse, but we’re married — no play elsewhere. (Also, since the spouse is the world’s #1 recluse, that affects this choice, too.) I will advocate motorcycle leathers, but the gay leather stuff is pretty much over. I have moved on as an old married early-to-bed fuddy-duddy.

Rideautumncopright2013Motorcycling: I remain an avid motorcyclist and ride my Harley as much as I can, especially to work by using the motorcycle as a means of transportation between life’s activities (work, home, errands, etc.) Unfortunately, I seldom have time for more than a half-day ride with my buddies, and never overnight. My life is what it is and is not going to change, so I have recast the dream of riding away on vacation and seeing the sights to riding to the grocery store for a gallon of milk.

SquirrelSpouse: My spouse means the world to me. I love him with every square mm of my body. He’s going through a significantly prolonged rough patch with a persistent double-whammy of infections, and sometimes I blog about how I feel about that to vent frustrations and to relieve anxiety. I will have occasional posts about my spouse — always lovingly-intended. I am so damn lucky to be in love with my best friend.

Carter03222014bFamily: I have a huge family and love them all to pieces. Especially that big lug of a twin brother who always has my back. What can I say? Our parents raised us well. Love and blood conquer all. It is such a blessing to use the word “functional” when I refer to my family, rather than what so many others say, by appending the prefix “dys” to that word. Not the story with my kin!

Bootsoffice2Job: I remain circumspect about where I work and what I do, but suffice it to say that I love what I do for a living, have the best boss I’ve ever had in my working career, and have achieved a certain status in my profession. I have my challenges and don’t suffer fools well, but overall, I am compensated fairly, work hard and am valued for my contributions, and I get to wear boots to work every day … what else could be better?

I dunno, there’s more… always more. When this blog strays off topic, it is probably because I have run out of ideas and just write about whatever pops into my mind. Feel free to plant seeds… I always remain open to thoughtful suggestions on what to write about.

In closing, thank you my loyal blog readers for faithfully following my ramblings. I really do appreciate it.

Life is short: keep on bloggin’!

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  1. Personally I find your blog very interesting and especially insightful regarding boots. Keep up the good work despite your circumstances!

  2. Thank you for all the effort you put into this blog. You are a great communicator and no matter the topic, your posts are always thought provoking.

  3. Congratulations on all the posts. I came here for boot advice but check in every so often because even your non-boot posts are interesting.

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