Headed Back

Hi, this is BHD’s twin brother J.

As you have been reading between the lines on this blog, my brother’s husband has taken a serious turn for the worse. On Saturday morning while my brother was involved in a community event that he could not cancel, our sister was staying with his husband “just in case.” We are very glad she was there, because by noon, she couldn’t rouse him, then when he finally came to, he could not move. Literally paralyzed.

Our sister called for an ambulance and then called my brother. My brother immediately drove home and met the ambulance as it was arriving. The medics who knew my brother strongly recommended that his husband go to the hospital, because his condition was more than symptoms of his persistent illness. They were worried that it would affect his ability to keep breathing.

With my brother and sister behind them, lights and sirens blaring, they went to their closest hospital. As my sister was driving, my brother called me and broke down, literally. I could hear him yelling at traffic, “we’re with that ambulance! Get out of the way!”

I was glad our sister was there to drive him, because he was not in shape to drive himself. The call ended quickly. I asked him to call me back once he knew what was going on.

I hugged my wife and said, “you know [BHD] would be here if you were in that serious condition, so I am going back home to be with him and try to help out. Allow my brother to get some rest and even go to work, since he can’t take too much time off or risk losing a job that he loves.”

As you read this, I am on a plane somewhere between Rome and Dulles Airport. I was lucky to grab the last seat on a non-stop flight. Another sister will meet me and take me wherever I need to be — either at the hospital or at my brother’s house provided his husband is stable and back at home.

Man, it’s been so rough for my brother-in-law and his very worried, yet patient caregiver husband, my brother. Pray for peaceful recovery.

As my brother would say, “life is short — show those you love how you love them. Be there!”

5 thoughts on “Headed Back

  1. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. May God continue to bless and keep you and may He instill in the doctors the knowledge and skill to ease these symptoms. May He continue to bless BHD, keeping him strong as he continues to care for his husband. May He also continue to bless BHD’s family as their love and caring gives him strength and offer respite when he is tired and can’t be by his husband’s side as he would wish to be.

  2. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I have a wife of 18 yrs with health issues. As the caregiver, you must take care of yourself as well. I pray God holds you all in the Palm of His Hand.

  3. I’ve only been reading the blog for a few months but have deep appreciation for the genuine affection BHD and his spouse share. They are blessed to have the incredibly caring family to be there whenever anything is needed. As an outsider it is refreshing to see such sincere love among the many facets of an extended family.

    My heartfelt thoughts are with everyone.

  4. BHD, I will be keeping you both in my best thoughts and hopes. I’m sorry to hear about this latest turn for the worse for your husband. I wish him a strong and permanent recovery and I hope the next time you are able to post to this blog your writing will include good, or at least, better news. In the meanwhile I join with the others who’ve posted above in wishing you both well, now and in the future.

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