This Blog Influences Wearing Boots and Leather

I seldom have such insight as to the influence of this blog.

A few months ago, someone wrote an email to me to ask some questions about boots. I replied, and we began a cordial exchange of email from time to time. I am always happy to answer questions and share what I have learned.

The other day, this gentleman sent me a message with the subject line, “gratitude.” Man, it blew me away….

Here is what he said,

The quirky hand of fate connects me to people in a variety of ways and for a variety of reasons. Your website was the link because I was seeking information on “motorcycle boots” (which I ultimately learned to better define as harness boots – LOL).

But reading your blog has done so much more for me. Although I have only two pairs of boots (at the moment) I now wear boots almost daily. I like the feel. I like the added height. I was no “shorty” at (barefoot) 5′-11.5″ – but the added height from the boot heels increased my self-confidence (which was already in good order) and improved my posture.

Similarly, within the last year I finally – after decades of desire – purchased a pair of leather pants, to be worn only inside at home. Reading your blog let me know it was OK to wear them just about anywhere. And so I have – and I savor each time I put them on and experience the unique texture and aroma they provide.

These two things, which would be minor to others but were major to me, have significantly enhanced my life and unleased internal fulfillment of being true to myself.

Thanks, my friend. I am glad you are confident and happy to wear boots and leather jeans more often in public.

I frequently use the expression “NBD” to mean, “no big deal.” There are many people who seem to be obsessed with concern and sometimes fear about wearing boots in an office or leather jeans in public. I do — all the time. No one says a thing (in a negative sense.) All I have heard from time to time are compliments such as “nice boots,” or “what kind of boots are those?” or “those leather jeans look cool.”

Thank you, my friend, for your permission to quote your email in this blog, but most importantly, thank you for your gracious message. I appreciate it very much.

Let’s pull on our leather jeans and our boots and wear them proudly.

Life is short: wear boots and leather!

One thought on “This Blog Influences Wearing Boots and Leather

  1. As a longtime reader of your blog I recognize myself in the message of this gentleman. I also like to wear boots and your thoughts and real-life experiences on this blog have made me more comfortable with openly wearing boots in public. As with you, they have become a part of who I am and people notice it when I am wearing a different pair of boots. Especially women notice me wearing boots and approve it, because they like to see a man wearing something different than sneakers. I hope you will continue this blog for a long time. Reading it, has become one of those small pleasures that help color my day.

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