Riding To Break Non-Riding Cold Cabin Fever

Roadking51This winter has been the winter that won’t quit. I was able to get my Harley out and ride a few days last week, but otherwise, it has been cold. Damn cold. My gardens and trees usually show some life by this time of year, but not this year. Everything except the Hellebore is dormant.

Man, this biker is so ready to ride…

Today we will have yet another Spring tease, with warmer temperatures close to 70F (21C). I am carving out my schedule to take some time to meet some buddies and just ride. Where? Anywhere. Heck, I don’t care if I get lost (that is the usual situation for me.)

I promised my spouse that I will find some tadpoles to introduce more frogs to our backyard pond. That is a long story by itself.

Bamasplain2But with that promise, it dictates motorcycle boot choices. Nothin’ purty… I will wear a beat-up old pair of engineer boots that have, for some reason, gotten muddy before. No worries, they can take the gaff. While out riding if I spot a likely place where there may be some of those critters, I’ll stop, wade into the shallow water, and fill a small container with them. Hop back on the Harley and have the boots dry in the wind. No worse for wear.

Anyway, I will ride today, come heck or high water. I’ve had enough of being cooped up in my truck. Don’t get me wrong — I love my LOLITS and my spouse, and still plan to take them where they need to go (grocery shopping), but I will make some time to ride today, or I’ll just go nuts.

Oh well, that is better than being stuck in a golf cart in Florida that my friend who used to ride a Harley in Vermont is riding now. 🙂

Life is short: RIDE!

2 thoughts on “Riding To Break Non-Riding Cold Cabin Fever

    • S, tsk, tsk tsk.

      Yep, that’s what I was afraid of… you’ve gone over the edge to oblivion, giving up your boots for … (can’t say it, ugghh.)

      I’m sending your corresponding state troopers out to see you and confiscate your motorcycle license.

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