Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Back to Work I Go

Snow03172014A whopping seven inches (18cm) of snow was enough to shut down the entire DC Metro area yesterday, including all school districts as well as the Federal Government. This was the tenth “snow day” for our local school district.

What did I do on St.-Paddy’s Day-Snow Day?

I worked. I really worked. Hard. All day. Fortunately, I can telecommute. Most of the people I work with are in other parts of the United States, from the Caribbean to the Pacific Islands, and states in between. They don’t get a snow day when I do.

Snowboots1I laced on my Chippewa Logger boots and took a whole half-hour to clear my drive and sidewalks, then later two neighbor’s drives and sidewalks, too. Most of the snow that fell on pavement melted, so there was only about three inches (8cm) on all paved surfaces. An easy cleanup.

Today, I pull on my Chippewa briar pitstop work boots — great soles for traction on slick pavement — with dress khakis, dress shirt, and tie and off I go to my office.

Life is short: Love life in ‘da ‘burbs.