Nationwide Shortage of Chippewa Motorcycle Boots

Chipharness02I hate to say it, but I have confirmed that there is indeed a nationwide shortage of an excellent brand of motorcycle boots — Chippewa. The boot styles that are currently not available (in common men’s sizes) include–

* Model 27868, black harness boots
* Model 27909, 17-inch oil-tanned engineer, steel toe
* Model 27908, 17-inch oil-tanned engineer, no steel toe
* Model 71418, 17-inch “high shine” engineer
* Model 71419, 17-inch “high shine” patrol style engineer, no strap, no steel toe
* Model 71420, 17-inch “high shine” patrol style engineer, no strap, steel toe
* Model 27950, 17-inch bal-laced trooper style
There may be more styles that are currently not available, as well. Seems like Chippewa is focusing its bootmaking on hikers, loggers, and similar styles.

Chipshinelug208I understand that the “hi-shine” boots have been in and out of stock for some time, and will likely start shipping again within a few weeks, but only to meet current orders.

I got this information from someone I know well who has access to Justin Brands’ inventory system. Chippewa Boots are made by Justin Brands.

I have written to the company to request more information, but so far, I have not received a reply.

I can understand that a company would not want to carry a lot of extra inventory to have on hand for future orders. But these boot styles are among their most popular, so allowing these styles to run out and not resupply quickly is an astonishingly poor decision. It’s like the company wants to lose business.

This shortage is affecting boot retailers, as well. Most men, particularly bikers, just want to buy what’s on the shelf or shown as in stock on a retailer’s website and don’t want to wait more than a few days for shipping. If a boot style shows “backorder” for a long delay in fulfillment, then most guys choose not to wait and not make a purchase, so retailers lose business.

Chippewa loses out, retailers lose business, and guys who want quality boots on their feet and safety and protection when they ride end up settling for cheaper junk or (dreadful thought), wear sneakers. Com’on, Chippewa, get your boot stocks resupplied! Spring motorcycle season is coming soon!

Life is short: be an informed consumer.

3 thoughts on “Nationwide Shortage of Chippewa Motorcycle Boots

  1. That is just odd… I sure hope they are not planning to send production offshore like they have done with some of the other Justin Brands boot lines.

  2. I don’t think it is a Chippewa choice not to have boots available. I have heard that they are having MAJOR leather supply issues. I ordered a pair of their premium water proof, chippetex workboots in early December 2013. My order was placed on back order until 4/4/2014 due to a leather shortage. I spoke with customer service today. The leather shipment came in but was rejected by Chippewa. The new availability date is 6/1/2014. I know it’s crazy, but I have to wait. Currently no other boot matches up. Just wanted to share what I have heard.

    • Thank you for the update, Andy. I was just notified today (April 8, 2014) that a pair of Chippewa motorcycle boots on order since October are being shipped to me. The reason for the shortage of Chippewa boots as you described explains a lot. Thank you.

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