Boots-n-Leather Christmas

Continuing with my regular interest in wearing functional, comfortable clothing, I picked out my side-laced leather jeans, Dress Instep Dehner Boots, and my dress leather shirt to wear on Christmas.

Then I began to re-think this outfit.

Not that wearing all leather on Christmas Day as we went about visiting family and friends would be unusual for me. In fact, if I didn’t wear something made of leather, it would be likely that someone would notice and ask.

However, I got to thinking about wearing all black on Christmas. That isn’t too cheery, is it? Hmmm… perhaps spice it up with a red leather tie? Nope… my twin brother promised me that he would not wear a tie, so I was not about to wear one, either. Plus, with the bending and reaching that I do in the kitchen whilst cooking, a tie would be too restrictive. (That’s why I dislike ties).

I put the dress leather shirt away, and pulled out a solid red flannel shirt. It looked more “holiday-ish.” It went well with the black leather pants and boots.

I wore my leather cop jacket to keep warm, and it served well, in addition to the leather jeans, from my getting too wet in the snowball battle that my brother got going with the kiddos at my niece’s house.

So that is what I wore throughout Christmas Day — to visit family, friends, and around our house as I prepared our meal of turkey, corn, green beans, pani (dinner rolls), salad, and a lemon meringue pie for dessert.

Life is short: wear your leather — not just for an “event” or occasional outing, but for warmth, style, and comfort.

One thought on “Boots-n-Leather Christmas

  1. I just ordered my first two pair of leather pants. My wife is fine with it, but I already got a comment .. isnt that a little fettishy? And I havn't even gotten them in the mail yet! You know, I don't really care. I am looking forward to getting them and enjoying them and I may even get a leather shirt.

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