Best Boots for Snow

Welcome back to the blog; this time, the discussion is about my opinion about boots to wear when having to work in cold and icy weather, such as this past week when we got dumped on with a foot (30cm) of snow. I know that amount of snow pales in comparison with other locations, but for those of us who live near Washington, DC, that was significant.

What boots did I wear when removing snow from our walks and drive, as well as my neighbors and six senior pals’ property?

Chippewa Logger Boots.Chiplogger43

The boots are marked on the side “waterproof” and indeed they have proven to be quite watertight. They also are insulated with Thinsulate, a synthetic material that has been around quite a while. The boots felt great. I spent hours in the cold working to remove snow, and my feet never felt cold or got wet. My feet also felt comfortable the day through.

Thick Vibram lug soles provided excellent traction so I could man-handle a snowblower and snow shovel without losing my balance or falling on my ass (which as world’s #1 klutz, I am bound to do!)

I definitely recommend these boots. They are comfortable, durable, water-proof, and easy to wear for long periods. I understand why the hard workers in the logging industry wear boots like this. Those of us who do physical work less often find these boots most appropriate and comfortable, too.

More photos of my Chippewa logger boots in the snow are on this page of my website.Snow02132014bLife is short: wear the right boots for the right application.

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