What it is to be a Bootman?

I have had some boots, like these Tony Lama black cowboy boots for 35 years. And they still hold up quite well. A little polish and brushing, and they’re ready to hit the street. (Well, actually, go to work.) And because they’re so old, they are well broken in and are comfortable. Old Tony Lamas were made better than the current versions, on better lasts (forms), and hold their comfort over time.

People have asked me over the years about why I wear boots all the time and if I really wear all the boots I have. Why wear boots? I just like ’em. How they feel, how they look, and how they protect my feet. And yes, I wear most all of the pairs of boots that I own. There are some pairs of boots that are uncomfortable, some have been abused, and a couple pairs need new soles. Some boots in the “less used” category are used for for certain specific activities in which I occasionally engage, such as skydiving or tromping through muddy terrain, or are a lot of trouble to deal with, such as tall lace-up boots (I just don’t have the patience to lace boots).

Some guys have posted on “Boots On Line” about being nervous about what other people may say about being seen in boots. Heck, nobody cares! I may have had some people say something from time to time like “are those cowboy boots?” — and despite wanting to give some kind of wisecrack retort, I just smile and say, “Sure are! Aren’t they cool?” or something like that.

I really do wear my boots. That’s what they are: footwear. I change boots often, rotate the boots in my basement boot closet with those in my bedroom closet, and with my “bootedman.com” website, I know what I have, what I like, and what perhaps haven’t been worn in a while. I enjoy this avocation — not fetish — because, to my core, I am a “Bootman”.

Life is short. Wear your boots.