Blog Break

I hate to have to do this, but I knew it would happen sometime. I am taking a one-week break from posting on this blog.


Three reasons:

  • I have run out of ideas of things to write about. It has become harder and harder to develop new content and write without repeating myself.
  • I have very little free time. My work day is absolutely packed from the minute I arrive in my office until the moment I leave, and when I get home, my time is focused on caring for my spouse (who remains in fragile health) and managing our household. Whatever time I can carve into my schedule is dedicated to caring for my legion of senior pals, who I adore.
  • This coming week, I must go on a business trip far away. I will be very busy during the entire trip from morning ’til night, and I won’t have any free time, at all.

My twin brother and his wife are staying at my house and will care for my spouse while I am gone. I don’t really want to leave for this long, but this trip is unavoidable. It really is the heart of what I do for my job.

Thank you, loyal blog fans, for visiting. I’m sorry to have to break for so long. I sure hope you will come back and pick up on February 1, when I plan to start blogging again.

And hey, if you want to help me out, write to me with suggestions for blog ideas for this blog that is not an ordinary gay guy’s blog. Thank you!

Life is short: know your limits and focus on what you have to.