Riding in Advance of the Storm

Yesterday was a holiday in the United States — the birthday of Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King. I had the day off work, but worked anyway. I finished helping my recently deceased sr. pal’s daughter clean up her mother’s condo, took a few more sr. pals to the grocery store to stock up in advance of the oncoming, world-ending, monumental, massive, overpowering, mind-boggling…

…storm of the century! Or at least of this week.

Man, you’d think a prediction of 3 to 5 inches (7.6 to 12.7cm) of snow was indicative of massive disruption. Well, at least that prediction strikes terror into the hearts of the World’s Number One Weather Wimps: DC area residents. [Update, well “they” were wrong — we actually will get much more snow than that, 6 to 8 (16 to 20cm) inches.]

When I got home about 1:30pm, it was sunny and mild — 53F (11C). I checked on my spouse, and he was okay and would be fine if I left him alone for a few hours. My brother and his wife were visiting my nephew and his wife and greeting a yet-to-be-met Great Nephew who was born last week. I decided to hop on the Harley and go see my newest family member myself.

Ahhh… sweet… can’t say enough about warm sunny “bonus riding days” in January. Leathers on, boots on, time to R-I-D-E!

Life is short: carve out fun time when you can!