MAL Time Again

Leatherdude1This coming weekend marks the umpteenth year that the second largest gathering of The Great Leather Clan occurs in the U.S., for “Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend.” Am I donning my tall black Dehners, full leather, Muir Cap, and going?

This year, like the past 7 years (man, I can’t believe it’s been that long)… no, my spouse and I will not be going.


I could blame it on my spouse’s fragile health, but that’s not it.

It’s me… it is really me (mostly.) The older I get, the less and less interested I am in attending an event that appeals to a (mostly) younger crowd who stay up late, drink a lot of alcohol, and jostle in the leather-alpha-gay-male world. This type of thing has less and less appeal to me.

Further, the longer I am in my relationship, the “more married” I become. (giggle.) Well, this feeling dates back a long, long time. I am not interested in hanging out with guys who have sex on the mind, and elsewhere. I remain committed to my one-and-only man, my love, my spouse. I will not put myself in a situation where I could have temptations. Hell, I am a healthy human male, but I reserve my healthy sex-drive for the man I love, period. This is what commitment is all about.

Langlitz29But once again, it is me. I am too cheap to pay for a hotel room in the city, and can’t stand the hassles of commuting what with every-weekend track work on the Metro, the delays are horrendous. And I’ll be darned to be forced to take a shuttle bus between closed sections of the Metro subway system. Once again, can you spell d-e-l-a-y?

Driving in the city nowadays is almost a guarantee of getting a ticket from an automated speed, traffic light, stop sign, or crosswalk enforcement camera. Big Brother is alive and well in the District of Columbia. That increase in placement of those automated fine assessors that bring tens of millions of dollars into the coffers of the corrupt government of the city is enough now to compel me to choose never to drive into the city again.

Yeah, I may be married to the world’s number one recluse, but my non-attendance at MAL again is my choice — I have lost all interest. That’s really about it.

RelaxedThis coming weekend, I will wear my leathers. All weekend. But that is not unusual for me. I wear leather on my off-time often. Heck, I’ve got so much of it that it would be a waste not to enjoy it. Contrast that with a number of guys who attend this event and only wear leather that weekend, and at no other time. Once-a-year leather dudes… sorry, poor return on an investment.

If you will be flying to DC, be sure to read my tips on air travel with leather gear. That advice remains as current as it was when I wrote it years ago. Travel smart. Pack less gear, then mix and match. Wear boots that you can pull off when going through security. Wear your heavy leather jacket onto the plane so you don’t have to pack it into your suitcase and potentially have to pay an over-weight baggage fee.

Have fun, be safe.

Life is short: enjoy memories. Some day too, you may choose to be a retired leatherman. Let me assure you, the after-life ain’t so bad.