Preparing To Fly

Short blog… little time right now to write… I will fly on Sunday across the U.S. for a business meeting.

Before taking off, I will help seven of my senior pals stock up on groceries.

Afternoon update: I was planning on spending all afternoon on Saturday cooking meals for my spouse to eat while I am gone. He can fend for himself, but I prefer to leave him home-cooked meals that are better fitting for his special diet that is required to keep regaining health after his long illness.

I was elated when my friend who had that minor hypothermia incident (who I found before something awful happened) said, “let me prepare meals for your husband.” She brought over soups, stews, and casseroles — enough to keep my spouse (and an army) well-fed while I am away!

Love comes back … I am tearful but so very grateful. Freed up hours of my time so I can spend it with my spouse, enjoying his company.

I will write when I get to Reno and perhaps even post some photos.

Meanwhile, be safe, show those you love how you love them, and wear boots!

One thought on “Preparing To Fly

  1. You are such a fortunate guy, BHD. You are surrounded by love on all sides and from you tell us of your life, you not only have earned it but you also fully deserve every last bit of it. Here’s hoping you have a safe and uneventful trip to Reno. May your hubby also enjoy the home-cooked meals made for him while you’re away.

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