My Spouse’s Heart

Okay, I admit, I am an old softie. I observe my spouse doing many things because he is thoughtful and kind, and those actions warm my heart, make me smile, and I fall in love all over again.

Take “our frog” for example…

We were delighted to find a frog that found our pond that we built in our back yard this past summer. Yep, an ordinary “ribbit ribbit” kinda frog. He/she even swims the frog stroke 🙂

FrogblogEach weekday when I arrive at home from work, I find my spouse sitting on the patio by the pond in a relaxed state. He pointed out one day that “we have a new resident.” And there it was … sunning itself on a rock, then as soon as it saw me, it would hop into the water and then peer at us from under some leaves. Very timid frog, I must say.

As the days grow shorter and leaves begin to fall, my spouse and I were talking about when we would drain the pond and cover it for winter. We selected this coming weekend as the “close-the-pond” date.

But on Monday, we saw Froggie swimming again. My spouse said, “we can’t just drain the pond and take away his habitat. And we can’t just leave water in the pond for the frog to freeze to death!”

… there he goes … doing what I love about him best … caring through his warm, wonderful heart.

We sat and talked about it for a while, then took action. My spouse ordered a pond heater/de-icer that will prevent water near the frog’s resting place from freezing. We will also cover the pond with clear acrylic panels to keep leaves out but use solar energy to keep the pond … unfrozen? We’ll see.

But the pond heater should do the trick and help provide enough heat in the water to prevent it from freezing while the frog goes into torpor (sort of hibernation) through the winter when his pond water gets cold.

Again, this is a wonderful thing when the man you love shows how much he cares and how big a heart that he has. His big heart is one reason among millions that I love him.

Life is short: show those you love how you love them. Even frogs.