Softer Tall Leather Boots To Break In Breeches

Wescopatrol1I mentioned on a recent post that I was breaking in a new pair of leather breeches. My new breeches were tight around my hips and made me appear to walk stiffly. When I wore these breeches with Dehner patrol boots, which are rather stiff, I felt even more restrained.

On Sunday, I wore those leather breeches again to continue the break-in process, but I selected tall boots that were not nearly as stiff. What were those boots?

Wesco Patrol boots. (Photos of these boots are here on my website.)

Unlike all other Wesco boots that I own, these boots are unique in these ways:

  • The leather from which the boots are made is rugged, but is not stiff. The boots are soft, but not so soft that they flop over when I take them off.
  • They are not heavy. I have complained before about how heavy Wesco harness and Boss (engineer) boots are. Wesco patrols? Light enough that they do not tire your feet, but durable enough to withstand the rigors of riding a heavyweight motorcycle.
  • The boot toe is low-key, so they look like an ordinary dress boot.
  • I can wear these boots on an all-day ride and my feet will continue to feel comfortable, unlike how my feet feel like Frankenstein’s when wearing other, heavier, Wesco boots.

Because my Wesco motor boots are made custom to my size, the fit is perfect both in my feet and at my calf. The calf circumference is what manages heat dissipation. Too tight — “hot boots.” Too loose — ankle sagging and frumpy-looking.

I enjoyed completing the break-in of my leather breeches with these boots. I could reach the ground with both feet while astride the saddle of my Harley. The boots have a Vibram 430 “mini-lug” sole, which provides good traction. I rode for hours and did not notice the boots. Not hot. Not cold… just right.

Life is short: know the qualities of boots!