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A note from a fan of this blog. Who knew?

Dear BHD, I have been reading your blog since I stumbled on it when looking for information about wearing boots to work. Like you, I work in a professional office. Been there for five years. But your “clone” comment got me thinking.

I was recently promoted to team leader, which is quite an achievement for a guy my age — 28.

I have closely followed the rules for dressing for success. Dress like the boss. Suit, tie, shined shoes, pressed shirt, the whole bit. I don’t think that is what got me promoted, but it didn’t hurt. I earned my promotion by working hard, arriving at work early and staying late, being prompt with reports, contributing to team success … all that, and more. I earned my Master’s degree on my own time, which wasn’t easy.

But as confident as I was with my dress-for-success routine so far, I reacted to reading things that you have said about dressing like a clone. I looked at myself in the mirror and said, “yep, BHD is right. I’m a clone. I look like any other (what he calls) yuppie.”

Was that so bad? Well… the women didn’t think so. I was frequently complemented on my dress and style. But I felt something could be done to change my clone-ish situation.

I decided to strike up some courage and buy a pair of black cowboy boots. (Tony Lama.) But I couldn’t find the courage to wear them to work with a suit. I wore them on weekends with blue jeans. My girlfriend was the one who got me over my fear of wearing them to the office. She said, “you look good with those boots. They make you look more like a man!”

Okay, that did it. Yesterday, I put on a dark blue suit, red tie, white shirt, and pulled on my boots. I looked at myself in the mirror and thought, “nice!” But I still had that deep-seated fear that someone would make a snide remark.

I went to work, and waited for a reaction. No one said a thing until I was seated at a meeting and crossed my legs. One of my employees seated next to me said, “nice boots, man.” And that was it.

I am no longer a clone. Thank you for encouraging us office professionals to consider wearing boots to the office.

Wow, thanks man. I never know who I influence by what I write about boots.

Life is short: wear boots to work!

3 thoughts on “Boots In The Office

  1. Bravo to you!!!!

    I was in the same situation as you. I work in a school environment, and I’m in a US state where very very few men wear cowboy boots, and zilch wear them to the office. Plus kids are very observant of what you wear. So I too was a clone. Shirt, tie, dr#@@ sh@#$. I wore boots on the weekend and after work, but was very very hesitant to wear boots to work. What would people think? What would the kids say? So one Friday, I wore jeans and boots. Nothing. No comments. OK. Phew. Now I wear boots to work a few times a week, and it is very rare that people will say anything. I’ve even worn pointed toes, and exotic skins. People WILL look, but few will say anything, and if they do, it is positive. They have become my trademark. I am just starting to get over the fear of wearing pants (not jeans) and boots, but now I am more comfortable.

    Again, BRAVO to you! Don’t let the boot bug bite, though, or you will own more boots than you can count!

  2. Yep, BHD, you never know who you’ll influence. Come to think of it, isn’t there a high school where your nephew attends where you’ve also started the fashion trend? Have any of them followed your Harley lead?

    • Thanks, Bill. Parents aren’t all that fond of their children driving, especially motorcycles. The only bikes my great nephews friends ride are bicycles (I think; I’ve only seen them in cars, come to think about it.) Thanks for your comment.

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