All Leather Riding

Tuesday was a pleasantly cool, dry Autumn day — perfect leather weather!

After I rode home from work at noon, instead of taking a nap, I felt energized to go for a ride to view my home state’s autumn. My spouse was busy studying through an on-line course in which he has enrolled so I didn’t want to hang around home and make noise if I were not napping.

I opened my biker leather gear closet and …

… pulled out my black leather breeches which still require breaking in. The only way to do that is to wear them and have them stretch through the frequent motions of motorcycle riding: feet down, feet on the floor boards, feet controlling the rear brake and gear shift. And “walking” the bike out of and back into the garage.

I pulled on a pair of Dehner boots over the leather breeches. But it was mild, not cold, so I wore a t-shirt and my Langlitz Columbia motorcycle jacket. Here is a photo of me when I stopped to take a break:
Blackbreeches32I say that the leather breeches require breaking in because they are still a bit tight as they fit on my hips, so I could barely have both feet planted firmly on the ground when astride the saddle of my Harley. I was too lazy to change to a lug-soled boot and too interested in going on my ride, but I should have changed the boots when I noticed that their smooth nitrile sole slipped on the floor of my garage when I was getting the Harley ready.

I took off… slowly rumbling past the neighbors, waving “hi.” One neighbor, a 16-year-old male, stared as I rode past. I think he was drooling… Harley riders in leather tend to cause that to happen. (giggle.)

I enjoy riding sometimes just by myself. I can think, contemplate, or just enjoy the scenery. I rode through a rural area of the county where I live in Maryland. I was not looking for autumn leaf colors, which is not happening yet (and when the leaves change late in October, the colors will be muted because we had such a dry September).

I saw pumpkins in several patches, dried corn stalks after harvest, bales of hay, and many flocks of geese in migration. Lovely still-green hills and tall stands of forest, with some leaves already fallen… harbingers of things to come. Yeah, soon it will be the “wet leaves on the road” season — a biker’s nightmare. But behold the beauty of the day that is here, not the weather for days ahead. Love life in the here-and-now.

It was a pleasant day for a ride.

Life is short: leather up and ride!

One thought on “All Leather Riding

  1. I’d like to commend you on wearing leather while riding! I’ve noticed over the last couple of years less and less riders wearing leather, textiles are really in, at least here in upstate New York. A few weeks ago the H-D demo truck was at my dealer and except for myself and another rider all those participating on the demo ride were wearing textiles. (I tested the V-Rod. I liked it, but not as much as my Electra-Glide.) Even when I do see riders wearing leather, the newer leather doesn’t have a high sheen. I was just wondering if you’ve noticed the same, or is it just me.
    Also, another well written post, but I was expecting a little foreshadowing of a minor tragedy when wrote about the slick soles of your boots. I was relieved the ride was pleasant and uneventful. Watch for wet leaves!!

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