Autumn Riding

Rideautumncopright2013Of the four seasons, autumn is my favorite. Crisp, sunny, dry days of cooler “leather weather.” Yep, I have broken out the leather jeans and my regular biker gear and am wearing them every day — even when I am not riding my Harley. Nothin’ like the cool, comfortable feel of leather … shirts, pants, jackets, and boots (of course!)

My Harley required repair last week, but it was fixed quickly and I returned to riding on Friday. And Saturday. And Sunday. And Monday… And…

…as far as the long-term weather forecast goes, probably every day this week, through the weekend, and all next week. Woo-hoo!

I enjoy commuting via Harley to the downtown of my hometown for work. I have to take a little more time to prepare before I take off each morning. Besides the usual T-CLOCS check of the bike, I also check the tire pressure more often because there is something about cooler weather and losing tire pressure. My Harley is much easier to maneuver when the tire pressure is where it should be.

LanglitzmeonbikeThen I pull on my thick, durable, warm custom chaps and choose a leather jacket. Depending on the ambient air temperature, which I cross-check against a wind-chill chart, I choose various weights of jackets depending on how cold it will feel while riding. In fact yesterday, it was unusually chilly so I pulled on my Langlitz Columbia Jacket. And a pair of warm motorcycle gloves, too. Definitely chilly!

The commute home is even better. Bright sunshine with no humidity… I have taken “the long way” home several times these past few weeks … just to enjoy riding in such great weather.

I love riding in autumn … my most favorite season of the year. We are fortunately, too, because our autumn riding season usually extends well through November –unlike friends who live up north and instead of preparing their motorcycles for riding, they are waxing their skis or snow boards (giggle).

Life is short: RIDE!

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    • S, why am I not surprised to hear from you? Actually, I am a bit surprised because I know you are riding with great joy in your lovely autumn splendor. Albeit shorter autumn up there in the Great White North, it is glorious this time of year. Keep the smiles flowing freely and the rubber side down!

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